New Trip Moments Community User Levels

Dec 21, 2023


  • 1. User-Level Introduction
  • 2. How to Boost Your Rank
  • 3. Current Levels and Bonus Rewards
    • Tripblazers Program
  • 4. Monthly Rewards
  • 5. Explanation of Feature Upgrades
    • Special Recognition
    • Increased Content Exposure
    • Detailed Content Creation Guide
    • Level-Up Rewards (Level 6+)
    • 2x Rewards
    • 3x Rewards
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Worldwide Exposure
    • Offline Experiences
    • Special Partnership Opportunities
    • Community Spokesperson
  • 6. Miscellany
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The new Trip Moments user-level system has officially launched! Now, the more you use Trip Moments to like, follow, comment on, or post travel memories, the quicker you’ll see your standing in the Trip Moments Community increase. You’ll also receive bonus rewards and unlock additional features. Read on to learn what surprises are waiting for you in the Trip Moments Community!

New Trip Moments Community User Levels

New Trip Moments Community User Levels

Each time you achieve one of the 12 new levels, it will be shown on your Trip Moments account homepage. Your status will also be visible to the rest of the Trip Moments Community when you post and leave comments for others. Moving up the levels will unlock additional features and let you grab bonus rewards. Do you have what it takes to reach Level 12 and become a Travel Guru? Don’t wait, get started now!

Quickly move up the ranks simply by participating in the Trip Moments Community. When you browse, like, leave comments for others, follow friends, and post "featured" Trip Moments, you’ll earn your way to higher ranks, added benefits, and bonus rewards. Easy-to-follow prompts will remind you what you need to do to acheive the next level. Just follow along to move up the ranks.

Below is a table showing the current levels, what takes to achieve them, and the bonus rewards and featured upgrades you receive when you achieve them. Further down you'll find more details on each feature upgrade.

Users who reach Level 6 and above are encouraged to sign up for our Tripblazers Program. This is a way to earn even more great rewards and to participate in challenge activities where you can win awesome prizes. Click on the link above for more information!

Level Upgrade Task Reward Feature Upgrade
Level 1 – Rookie Browse 5 Trip Moments
Like 2 Trip Moments
10 Trip Coins (5 + 5) Special Recognition
Level 2 – Beginner Follow 2 Friends
Comment on 2 Trip Moments
20 Trip Coins (10 + 10) Special Recognition
Level 3 – Junior Modify username
Modify avatar
60 Trip Coins (30 + 30) Special Recognition
Level 4 – Contributor Successfully post 1 Trip Moment 100 Trip Coins Special Recognition
Level 5 – Explorer Successfully post 2 "featured" Trip Moments 500 Trip Coins Increased Content Exposure
Level 6 – Rising Star Successfully post 5 "featured" Trip Moments 600 Trip Coins* Increased Content Exposure
Level 7 – Travel Mentor Successfully post 15 "featured" Trip Moments 800 Trip Coins* Detailed Content Creation Guide
Level 8 – Travel Expert Successfully post 40 "featured" Trip Moments 1,000 Trip Coins* 2x Rewards Bonus
Level 9 – Senior Travel Expert Successfully post 80 "featured" Trip Moments 1,500 Trip Coins* Social Media Promotion
Level 10 – Travel Master Successfully post 200 "featured" Trip Moments 3,000 Trip Coins* 3x Rewards Bonus
Level 11 – Senior Travel Master Successfully post 400 "featured" Trip Moments 4,000 Trip Coins* Special Partnership Opportunities
Level 12 – Travel Guru Successfully post 800 "featured" Trip Moments 8,000 Trip Coins* Community Spokesperson

* = Upgrade rewards will be available within 72 hours following final review of your account status. Users will be able to claim their upgrade rewards via the easy-to-use tab on their Trip Moments account page. Rewards must be claimed before they are available for use.

New Trip Moments Community User Levels

Once you become a Travel Mentor (Level 7 and beyond), you’ll be able to earn an additional 500 Trip Coins each month. All you have to do is successfully post 5 high-quality Trip Moments that each earn a "featured" tag during a calendar month.

Each level has a corresponding name to help distinguish it. You’ll be able to recognize your own rank and your friends’ ranks at a glance.

Your high-quality Trip Moments will appear in more feeds and will have a greater chance of being included in the Best-of-Today feature on the community homepage.

Get access to tip & tricks so you can learn the secrets for making high-quality Trip Moments every time.

Once you reach level 6 and above, your Trip Coins rewards for leveling up will be available within 72 hours following final review of your account status. After claiming your level-up rewards via an easy to access rewards tab, you can redeem them on travel and other services.

Unlock double the rewards for posting high-quality Trip Moments.

Unlock triple the rewards for posting high-quality Trip Moments.

You'll have the opportunity to see your high-quality content promoted on the official social media feeds so you’ll reach more users on more platforms.

See your high-quality content featured in’s markets around the world.

Get recommended for exclusive offline experiences such as premium hotel stays and tickets to real world attractions. (Subject to availability and other factors).

Outstanding content producers will have the chance to cooperate directly with on special features and other events. (Subject to availability and other factors).

Virtuoso content creators will have the chance to become official brand ambassadors.

Upgrade rewards, monthly challenges, and regular benefits operate concurrently. Participating in one activity or challenge shall not preclude users from obtain benefits and rewards associated with other challenges unless explicitly stated.
Plagiarism, malicious, harmful, and otherwise fraudulent or illegal content is strictly prohibited. Users found to be engaging in such behavior shall automatically forfeit any and all rewards issued or otherwise implied. reserves all rights to recoup such rewards to the maximum extent allowed by law.
Users who have accumulated enough activity prior to the implementation of this user-level system to achieve a particular level shall be automatically awarded the highest level for which they fully qualify. No upgrade rewards will be issued for levels achieved by actions preformed prior to the launch of this system.
After posting a high-quality Trip Moment, it may take up to 48 hours before you receive a "featured" tag. Once you do, you will also receive your Trip Coins rewards at the same time. group
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