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Adelaide is one of the most liveable cities in the world, thanks to its high quality of life that the city offers. The city has evolved from being home to British settlers to hosting citizens all around the world. Adelaide is known for its parks, beautiful beaches, coffee, and wine.   

Located in the south of Australia, Adelaide is a city which is not only a preferred business destination but also a city is well known with tourist. The sunny weather that Adelaide receives most days of the year makes the perfect destination for a suntan at the beach. Adelaide has a warm to hot dry summers and mild winters with rainfall. The best time to visit the city would be during spring or fall when the temperature is at the sweet spot and rainfall is scarce. That time of the year would be from March to May or from September to November.

Airport in Adelaide

Adelaide airport, also known as the Adelaide International Airport is the primary airport serving Adelaide and the suburbs surrounding it. It has direct flights to all cities in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Adelaide also has flights from Singapore and Dubai and you could get anywhere in the world through these hubs. Getting to City from Adelaide Airport is no hassle as there are various modes of transportation that you could use to get to the airport cheaply and comfortably. If you wish for a more comfortable ride, you could do so by hiring one of the taxis plying on the city. The O-Bahn Busway and the rail network is another way you could get to the airport from the city centre. They are an affordable option to reach the airport.

Transportation in Adelaide

Anyone can buy metro cards for a single trip or day trip tickets which could be redeemed on multiple journeys across various modes of transport like bus, tram, train, etc. Single trip metro card cost around AUD $ 5.60 and day trip cost around AUD $ 10.60.

  • Buses/ O-Bahn - Buses are easily available in Adelaide and the O-Bahn route makes the bus travel more convenient, thanks to the tracks that are specially made for the buses to operate. 
  • Trams – Tram is another way to move around the city. Though the Tram does not operate throughout the city, you will find in use in the downtown area. 
  • Trains- There are trains too that ply in the city and can take you to nearby suburbs.

How to get to the destination?

There are regular flights that operate to Adelaide from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth and the main operators for these domestic flights are Qantas and Virgin Australia. The prices start at around AUD $300. There are several direct international flights from New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, and prices vary according to the season and the location. Adelaide could be reached from anywhere in the world from the connecting hubs.

Adelaide Hotel information

If you are looking for hotels in Adelaide, there are several options from which you can you’re your preferred Adelaide hotels.

Luxury hotels – If you are looking for something comfortable to stay with some added luxuries, then choosing a 5-star or a 4-star hotel is a good idea. The prices for these hotels start at around AUD $ 100.

Mid-range hotels – These are the places where you could find comfort while being more affordable than the luxury ones. These 3-star hotels start at the range of AUD $ AUD $ 60 – AUD $ 70.

Budget hotels- If you are looking for cheap hotels in Adelaide then you must find some 2-star hotels starting at the price range of AUD $ 30. These are best for budget or single travellers.

Adelaide City Tourist Information

Top tourist attraction in Adelaide

If you are looking for things to do in Adelaide as a tourist, you must visit these places. Even if you are in Adelaide for a few days for business, then make sure to take some time off to visit these Adelaide attractions.

  • Tour of Adelaide Oval- Visit this Oval sports ground when the spectators are in thousands and a live cricket match is being organised. You could also visit this place when the place is empty.
  • Adelaide zoo- If you want to spend some quality time with cute pandas or giraffes, then this is a place where you need to be. You will have a wonderful time with your family and children when you come across animals from around the world.
  • Cleland Conservation Park- Hiking and walking trails along a scenic location is what makes this place a must-visit. This place is great to do some physical activity while getting away from city life and enjoying the nature. 

Top food places in Adelaide

Despite a city well known for its sit-down coffee culture, the place does not disappoint you with great food paired with great wine (Australian of course!). If you are in Adelaide, fine dining is just another day and here are the top places which could help in indulging with that –

  • Argo- Argo is the place to go to when you are looking for variety; the place they say makes you confuse so as to what to order. Whether you are craving for some gluten and nut-free vegan waffles or some alien palate, locals will recommend you this place.
  • Gin Long Canteen- If you think veganism is overrated then you haven’t tried their salt and pepper eggplant at the Gin Long Canteen. Also, the pairing with their signature lychee, tamarind, Henricks, gin longs, cucumber, and lemongrass martinis is what makes the place unique. They do have their beef and pork dishes if red meat is what you wish for.
  • Nordburgers- If you fantasise some shack shake burgers, this is where you go to in Australia. They welcome you with their hamburgers, tater tots, and a lot of carbs. is the place where you could find the best Adelaide Hotel Deals with the best prices. Book Adelaide hotels right away only on and enjoy the sunny city of Adelaide.

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