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Brisbane is an Australian city and the capital of the state of Queensland. The city gets its name as it is located along the Brisbane River. It also goes by River City or Brissy. Brisbane became the capital of the state when Queensland separated from New South Wales and became a separate colony. Currently, it is the third populous city in the country and also one of its oldest. The metropolitan population boasts of 32.2% foreign-born residents making Brisbane indeed a global city. This and the fact that Brisbane was founded on the homelands of Jagera and Aboriginal Turrbal, makes the population as diverse as you can imagine making it a melting pot of different cultures.

With its many surf beaches and historical significance, Brisbane is very popular among tourists.

The eastern shore of Brisbane is bordered by Moreton Bay, a Coral Sea bay. The metropolitan area falls between the Sunshine and Gold coasts. It is also a hilly city located on a form of rock known as Brisbane tuff. So you’ve got hills, rivers and beaches, all in one city.

The Brisbane climate is humid subtropical characterised by long, hot summers and short warm winters. The annual mean minimum and a maximum temperature range from 16.6 °C to 26.6 °C. There isn’t a stark temperature difference between summer and winter, making it pleasant most of the time, letting you enjoy as much beach as you can. But if you want to know the best time to visit Brisbane, that would be between March and May when the temperature comes down, and there’s a little bit of rain.

Airport near Brisbane

Brisbane is served by Brisbane Airport, Australia’s third-largest airport, and caters to both international and domestic passengers. The airport is located on Moreton Bay, northeast of its city centre.

Brisbane also has three general aviation airports, namely, Redcliffe Airport, Archerfield Airport and, Caboolture Airfield. You can also reach Brisbane by other airports in South East Queensland.

Getting to Brisbane from Brisbane Airport is no hassle at all. The airport is connected to the city by rail and road. You can take a train to the city, which is just twenty minutes away. The frequency is pretty good at once every fifteen minutes. The Airtrain service, with its direct service, also ensures that the airport is well connected to the CBD. You can even make use of taxis and airport shuttles, depending on whichever is convenient for you, be it the price or the amount of time you want to spend commuting.


Brisbane has a well-developed transportation system that connects it to other parts of the state and country. The preferred mode of transport in Australia is a car, but public transport is not to be undermined. TransLink coordinates ferry, bus and rail services and offers you something called go card which enables you to board any of these modes of transport using a unified ticketing system. 

Brisbane has a large number of motorways. The Pacific Motorway, The Ipswich Motorway,  Bruce Highway and  Logan Motorway and some of the famous motorways that connect the city to different parts of the state.

The Queensland Rail City’s network with its 152 train stations and 13 suburban railway lines goes up to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. 

Buses and ferries are also widely popular in Brisbane. With its three ferry services on the Brisbane River, Transdev Brisbane Ferries rules the roost. Their catamaran CityCats is iconic. 

How to get to the destination

Brisbane is connected to most parts of the world by air. Brisbane Airport is serviced by 31 airlines, offering both domestic and international flights. As per an OAG report, among the large-sized airports, Brisbane Airport is the fifth-best performing airport in the world for its on-time performance. Some of the major airlines operating out of here are Qantas and Virgin Australia. Flights are operating to New Zealand, Far East nations, Japan and UAE from here. Apart from this, there are multiple connecting flights from here to other countries all over the world. Pricing for the flights would depend on the season. If you travel during peak season, the price would be on the higher side and vice versa. It also depends on seat availability. Season also plays a role in flight schedules.

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

You will find no shortage of hotels in Brisbane. Being one of the largest cities in Australia, Brisbane hotels cater to all sorts of tourists, from budget to luxury. Where you want to stay depends on the kind of experience you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. You can book Brisbane hotels from any part of the world, thanks to everything being online nowadays. 

  • There are plenty of 5-star hotels in the CBD with prices starting from AUD119 per night. These hotels provide airport shuttles for your pickup and drop.
  • You can find three and 4-star hotels starting from AUD40 per night.
  • If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Brisbane that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you can opt for 2-star hotels or hostel rooms which start from AUD32 per night.

You can browse online for some of the best Brisbane hotel deals.

Brisbane tourist information

Top tourist attractions in Brisbane

There are a lot of things Brisbane has to offer. Let’s check out at least three Brisbane attractions.

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - If you’re someone who’s always wanted to pet a koala, head to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest and first koala sanctuary in the world. In addition to koalas, this 18-hectare sanctuary also houses kangaroos, wombats and Tasmanian devils and various reptile species. A trip to Brisbane is considered incomplete without a visit to this koala sanctuary.
  • Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha – This garden which falls at the foot of Mount Coot-tha is just 7 kilometres away from the CBD and showcases plants from all around the world. Points of attraction here include the Japanese gardens, Australian rainforests, and National Freedom Wall, among others.
  • South Bank Parklands – If you want just to unwind, South Bank Parklands is the place. Situated right across the CBD and on the World Expo 1988 original site, this vast 17-hectare park lets you soak up the sun and the local culture. After a swim in the lagoon there, you can gorge on some delicious food served from a wide array of restaurants there. The kids can be part of the many free children’s’ programmes while you take a stroll.

Top food places in Brisbane

Brisbane lives up to its tag of being a global city and whips up dishes from every corner of the earth. Some of the best localities for eating out are as follows:

  • Grey Street – This place offers all you can eat, ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Spanish and everything in between. There are a large number of popular restaurants here that cater to your tastebuds.
  • Boundary Street Markets – This is where you get the best street food in Brisbane. Each tented stall has something different to offer. You can tuck into delicacies from Taiwan, Romania, India, Malaysia, Turkey. You’ll have a gala time at this food market trying out everything you can.
  • Eagle Street – If you’re looking for one of the best exceptional dining experiences in Brisbane, Eagle Street offers you a variety of award-winning restaurants to choose from.

With so many exciting things to do in Brisbane, you can now hurry up and make travel bookings using for a hassle-free vacation. 

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