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Genting Highlands is the largest tourism brand in Malaysia. The recreation facilities on the plateau are well-equipped, providing seemingly endless attractions to tourists. Genting Highlands is about 2,000 meters above sea level and its annual temperature is around 20℃. The Genting Highlands are Malaysia's largest and most famous entertainment center and summer resort. Here, the mountains overlap with green trees, lush flowers, and fresh air. In the east, Mountain Sambae can be found, while Peng Bu A Mountain can be seen in the west surrounded by winding mountainous roads.

The building complexes of Genting are located 1,772 meters above sea level within the mountains, surrounded by attractions like the Penglai Pavilion. Because of the high altitude, visitors feel as if they’re surrounded by a sea of clouds when the sky is clear. At night, the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur can be seen.

The construction of Genting Highlands began in 1965 and has welcoming visitors since its opening in 1971. The complex is located on Ulu Kali Mountain, where the climate is cool and the temperature is an average of 15°C. The Genting Highlands make up one of Malaysia’s most famous resorts. The location is family friendly, and there’s lots for kids to do. Hotels in Genting Highlands are often resort style and attract guests from near and far.

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