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Hualien is the largest county in Taiwan, and is also the region with the largest number of indigenous Taiwan residents. Hualien is sandwiched between the sea and mountain ranges. The natural scenery of rivers and mountains make Hualien’s beauty unique.

From north to south, Hualien is home to four major natural tourist attractions including Taroko National Park, the East Coast Scenic Area, Huatung Valley Scenic Area, and Yushan Park. Xiuguluan River is famous for its rafting activities. Located by the river is the jade-colored Liyu Lake as well as the ecologically rich Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area, Wuhe Scenic Area, and other sightseeing spots. Ruisui hot springs, Hongye hot springs, and Antong hot springs provide tourists with places to relax and warm up during the winters. Hotels in Hualien are often located near the scenic areas.

Spring is the best season to visit Hualien. The weather in Hualien fells like spring all year round and the climate is mild. In the early spring, the air is humid, and the sea of flowers that bloom in the Huadong area has long been popular with tourists. Citron daylilies bloom during the months of July and August, and the fresh shades of yellow and green create a spectacular scene in Fuli Township, Hualien County.

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