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Tasmania's second-largest city settled on the North Esk and South Esk River, Launceston is known for its vibrant food and wine culture. Dotted with Colonial and Victorian architecture, the city is one of Australia's oldest cities. With four seasons distinct through the year, Launceston has an oceanic and temperate climate. The months of January and February are warm with average temperature between 12.2 to 24.4 °C (54 to 76 °F). The summer season starts in December and continues to February. This is the peak travel season in the city. The next season in the year is the transitional Autumn with temperatures between 5.1 °C (41 °F) in May, and up to 10.0 °C (50 °F) in March. these months are quieter and the weather is slightly unpredictable. In winter the mercury dips to 2.3 °C (36 °F) in July and goes upto 2.5 °C (55 °F) in July up to 13.7 °C (57 °F) in August. These months are best for hiking or trailing with snow-capped mountains around. The spring season right after is a transition for Winter to Summer and temperatures start soaring in October. This is a good time to travel as well but the weather in the entire Tasmania region is varying. 

Nearby Airport in Launceston

The nearest Airport in Launceston is the regional airport located just outside the city and 15 km to the south. The airport is well connected to cities like Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney. Getting to Launceston City from the Launceston Airport is easy through shuttle buses, Tassielink transit buses or private taxis. The buses will take about 30 mins and cost around AU$ 15. The taxis will get you to the city in about 15-17 mins and cost you around AU$35. 

Transportation in Lauceston

The transport is the city of Launceston majorly consists of private and public bus services which travel inside the city and also travel around to the suburban area around the city. For longer trips from the city, the Tassielink transit buses are available. Taxis are also available for hire with some operators allowing booking online. No taxi aggregators are operational in Launceston. 

Getting to Launceston 

The nearest airport to Launceston is the regional airport to the south of the city. It is well connected to Sydney International Airport and all international travelers can land in Sydney and reach Launceston by taking a regional flight. The flights from Sydney to Launceston are about 2 hours long and can cost around AU$ 130 to AU$ 240. Airlines like Jetstar, Virgin Australian and Qantas operate regular flights to Launceston. Sydney International Airport is well connected to all major airports in the world and all major international airlines operate to Sydney. 

Hotels in Launceston 

Plan your trip early and book hotels in Launceston well in advance to get some really good deals. Launceston hotels are primarily located near the downtown area and you can stay very close to the city center. There are all kinds of accommodations available to cater to the preferences of each. It will be best to Book Launceston Hotels as early as possible so that you can book some of the best properties. 

  • There are many 5-star hotels in the city like The Sebel, Art Hotel On York, Aldington and many more which offer a premium living experience with exemplary service. The 5-star hotels in Launceston usually cost around AU$ 100-200. 
  • Some 4-Star hotels in Launceston can be a very good choice for a cozy stay in the city. Hotels like Hideaway on George, Highfield House, Coach House, Quality Hotel Colonial are popular among tourists. The 4-star hotels in Launceston will cost around AU$ 80 to 140 and are the best options amongst the Launceston hotel deals. 
  • For more economic options, Launceston also offers some good 3-star hotels like The Leisure Inn, The Cornwall Historic Hotel, and Comfort Hotel Olde Tudor. These hotels usually charge around AU$ 70 to 100 and are only about 2-3 km away from downtown. 
  • Ross Hotel, Weldborough and Areca are some cheap hotels in Launceston that can be good options to save some spend on the hotels without compromising on the comfort. 

Launceston Tourist Information 

Top Tourist Attractions in Launceston

With panoramic views, hiking trails, beautifully sculpted gardens, Launceston is a beautiful city to experience. With rich architecture, every street is a sight to behold. Here are a few Launceston Attractions that you could visit on your trip. 

  • The Queen Victoria Museum is a railway workshop from the 19th Century and now displays Tasmania's rich history. The exhibits show the heritage of arts, science and culture of Tasmania. It is also the largest museum in Australia that is not located in the capital city. 
  • Just minutes away from central Launceston, situated on the South Esk River is the Cataract Gorge Reserve. This is decorated with walking trails, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants, a suspension pool, and native wildlife adding to the scenic beauty. It also has the world's longest single-span chairlift for visitors to get a panoramic view of the reserve. This is one of the most popular things to do in Launceston. 
  • Want to visit a monkey closure in the middle of the city? Established in 1820, the City Park, Launceston is a major attraction in the city. It has a pond, gardens, conservatory, playground, and a monkey island housing some Macaques. 

Top Food Places in Launceston 

Known as Tasmania's northern food hub, Launceston food culture is rich with options to dine in vineyards, on waterfronts, and in homely cottages. 

  • The Mudbar Restaurant in Seaport Boulevard is popular with the locals and offers a flavor-packed menu. Porcelain Oysters are a popular dish here. 
  • Novaro in the central district offers a fine Italian dining experience in an Edwardian style house redesigned to a restaurant. 
  • Located in a Victorian Style building, Brisbane Street Bistro is a renowned restaurant and has garnered a lot of awards. You will be able to taste a classic French menu with hints of Tasmanian style. 

A major food hub and also often called ‘The Gateway to Northern Tasmania’, experience vineyards, adventure-filled wilderness in this city known for a vibrant food and wine culture. Plan your holiday with and find yourself a travel partner that you can trust. 

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