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Weather and the Best time to travel in New York City

New York City, a dream destination for many travellers, constitutes of 5 boroughs altogether. At the estuary of Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean lies the city, the heart of the United States of America. If you are travelling to New York City, you will be welcomed by the famous skyscrapers, the neon-lit Times Square, Broadway theatre, Brooklyn Bridge and quintessentially, The Statue of Liberty. If you are planning to visit New York City, buy your tickets for the summer- between April and June or between September and early November. If you want to avoid the crowd, these will be the best times to visit as the weather will be pleasant and not many tourists will be visiting either.

On the contrary, if you are planning the cheapest visit to New York City, you should plan your trip during mid-January to the end of February. However, make sure you are ready to cope with the cold weather also. Well, despite these calculations, New York is a place that people fly to year-round. As a result, no matter when you plan your trip, New York will always be buzzing with visitors. So, make sure you book the hotels in New York City well in advance. Most tourists stay at the Midtown Manhattan as all the attractions are close to and easily accessible from this area. The safest neighbourhoods in New York are Tudor City, Battery Park City, Carnegie Hill, Sutton Place, Beekman, and Roosevelt Island. So, when you are checking out lucrative New York Hotel Deals, make sure you are picking one at these neighbourhoods.

Airports near New York City

There are three major airports in New York City- John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark International Airport. Most of the people heading towards New York prefer landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport as it has more flight options. Moreover, it is linked to the Subway through A, E lines (blue lines) and the AirTrain. Hence, getting to New York City from John F. Kennedy International Airport becomes easy and cheap ($7.75 to reach Manhattan). But that will take a longer time (60-90 minutes). If you are up for shelling out some more dollars, you can take a taxi. It will cost you $40 to $70, but it will be a faster commute for sure. If you want to save around $15, you can also opt for Lyft pool but make sure there are no unexpected detours.

On the other hand, LaGuardia Airport is closer to New York City. But most people avoid it because there is no public transport available from here. The taxi fare is around $40. Newark Airport is situated at New Jersey. It is not as much popular is because it is again difficult to be connected through a subway and New Jersey Transit. The taxi fare from here is nowhere below $70-$100. However, it offers shuttle bus services at a one-way fare of $18. The service is available between 4:45 am, and 2 am. 

Transportation around New York City

Hands down, the best transportation option in New York City is the Subway. It is safe and secure and is operating 24/7. There are in total 468 stations touching every corner of the Big Apple. Those who want to take in the magnificence of the entire city while travelling can rely on the buses as an option. It is not as fast as the subway. But it will stop at almost every street. So, reaching an odd point also becomes easy. Also, unlike the metro (which runs North to South), buses travel from East to West. So for some places, the bus is your only option. If you have a big bag, you can also opt for yellow taxis. The starting fare in a yellow cab is $3. The environmentalists can stop frowning as another accessible public transportation in New York is the ‘Citibike’s- cycles on rent. These are also going to go easy on your pocket. So, in a nutshell- no matter where you book New York City hotels, transportation is hardly going to be a problem.

How to Get to New York?

The most frequent flights that you can book from Australia to New York are offered by United Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Asiana Airlines Australian Airlines, American Airlines and Qantas Airways, to name a few. There are cheap deals on the ticket all through the year. So, to grab the best deal, you can book your air ticket in advance. Some websites can also offer great deals on New York hotels also and make your stay cheaper. Particularly during the festivals, you can achieve unexpectedly cheap deals and save a lot on your budget.

Hotels in New York

New York is the most expensive city all over the world. So there are great luxury hotels in the city. The top 5-star hotels in the city are Trump International Hotel and Tower New York, The Knickerbocker Hotel, The Langham New York Fifth Avenue and JW Marriott Essex House New York, to name a few. The price range starts from around AUD 300. The 4-star hotels include Park Central Hotel NewYork, Park Lane Hotel,

The Roosevelt Hotel, and Stewart Hotel New York, to name a few. These are available at the basic price of AUD 200. However, if you are a budget traveller, then also you can find many cheap hotels in New York. 

New York Tourist Information

Top Tourist Attractions in New York

You can rest assured that there are countless things to do in New York City. The place is scattered with famous towers, beautiful places, and historical sites to visit for the tourists. If you are staying in Manhattan, all the New York City attractions are pretty close by. So, you might just cover them in a day. The topmost attraction definitely will be The Statue of Liberty that defines the United States to the rest of the world. It is situated at New York Harbour. Central Park is famous for tourists. It is an urban park in Manhattan. The scenic hills, playgrounds, Strawberry Fields and meadows are cherished by all those who have been to the city. Another famous tourists’ spot is the Times Square- the commercial core of New York. Also, entertainment hubs like the Broadway theatre attract visitors.

Top Food Places in New York

New York City can steal hearts for the food alone. Especially the local cuisine is something that makes the visits so great. There are so many food options on the streets of New York City that you can eat all your meals every day here for a year without repeating the same food twice. Bagels and Pizzas, however, are the most popular. You can try Joe’s Pizza, B Side Pizza and Di Fara Pizza to have the best variants of these foods. The ice cream lovers can grace Gansevoort Market to taste their delicacy that is mesmerizing tourists since 1884. The hotdog fans should visit Katz Deli for their delicious offerings for the last 100 years if you are an Italian food fan, head straight to Briciola.

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