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Perth is the capital of Western Australia (WA) state of Australia. It ranks fourth in the whole of Australia when it comes to population size. As per the survey of 2018, the population of Perth is over 2.05 million and the overall area is some 6500 kilometres squared. The city is divided into 250 suburbs and 30 local government areas for ease of administration. The city is located by the Swan River and the topography is similar to that of a coastal plain. The rainfall received by this region is moderate but highly seasonal. It is somewhat winter based. The summer months, which range from December to March, are generally dry and hot. On the other hand, the winters here are mild and wet. All of these features collectively qualify as giving rise to a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Most of the annual rainfall here occurs between the months of May and September. Perth is said to be one of the most isolated cities in the world if you look at nearby cities that are populated. The nearest city from Perth with a population of more than 0.1 million in Adelaide, which is more than 2100 kilometres away from it.        

Airport/ nearby airport in Perth

Perth International Airport (PER) is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. This airport serves the metropolitan area of Perth along with another Jandakot Airport (JAD). JAD airport is the busiest general (noncommercial) aviation airport in the whole of Australia in terms of aircraft movement and is about 25 minutes away from Perth. So, if you are flying on a private or chartered craft, it is expected that Jandakot Airport is going to be your destination. Now about the commercial airport, getting to Perth from Perth International Airport takes less than 20 minutes by road. Perth Airport has four main terminals along with one secondary terminal for general (noncommercial) aviation. The airport also has a unique feature wherein there are specially made observation decks/ spotting areas on terminals from where one can view arriving and departing aircraft. These decks come with amenities like toilets, vending machines, flight information display systems, etc. for passenger convenience

Transportation in Perth

The metropolitan public transport of Perth includes ferries, buses, and trains that are operated under the brand name of Transperth. It comes under the public transport authority and serves the urban/ suburban areas of Perth. The metropolitan area has over 70 train stations and 15 bus stands which have departures to various locations around at regular intervals. To facilitate passenger welfare, the transport authority provides zero-fare trips on trains/ buses around the region of the city centre. Locally, it is called the “Free Transit Zone”. One can also find cross-boundary trains and buses from Perth to other cities across Australia. Cycling is a pretty common choice made by the people of Perth, and one can see a lot of commuters on cycles on roads and pathways across the city. There are a lot of private operators in Perth which offer taxi services too. Taxis can be a comfortable way to travel in and around Perth.         

How to get to the destination

Since Perth is served by an international airport which happens to be one of the busiest in the country, reaching here is pretty easy. It is good that most major airline operators of the world offer direct or connecting services to Perth. This includes airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Lufthansa, etc. It is expected that if one travels from across the world all the way to Australia in the southern hemisphere, the journey is going to be a long one. This is the reason that most flights are long haul and generally have one or two transit stops in between. It is advised that one is prepared for such a long flight. A possible course of action while planning an easy journey would be to get a flight to some other major airport in Australia like Sydney or Melbourne and from there one can get many cheap domestic flight options to Perth.       

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

  • Upscale and posh hotels in Perth, with facilities like spas, pools, etc. are available for around 300 AUD or more for a night. 
  • Perth hotels that are a bit less lavish and lie in the 3-4 star band can be available under 200 AUD. 
  • For less than a hundred bucks, one can get inexpensive and cheap hotels in Perth to stay at. 
  • To get the best Perth hotel deals and easy stay experience, you can turn to neighbourhoods like the Central Business District which is popular among first-time visitors. 

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Perth Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Perth

Following is some information about are some of the top things to do in Perth.

  • The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a place that is frequented both by tourists and locals. This 1000 acre park has amazing views to offer and is known to be a host to a diverse range of plants & birds. 
  • The most popular pick from the list of Perth attractions is the Swan River. This beautiful winding river is considered to be a perfect setting if someone is looking for casual outdoor fun. Cruises are also available on the Swan River.
  • Not much far from the centre of the city, there are many beaches in the vicinity of Perth. Some of the popular beaches are Cottesloe Beach, City Beach, Rockingham Beach, etc. These beaches have a number of attractions and amenities to aid a fun outing by the shores.

Top food places in Perth

The following are some of Perth’s good places (among many), which one can visit to get a delightful food experience.

  • Perth has amazing Indian restaurants like Sauma (Northbridge) and Maharaja (Nedlands) which bring elegant Indian flavours to the food scene of the city. These restaurants are known to have different types of curry on their menu to suit the needs and tastes of everyone. 
  • Food trucks are a show stealer when we talk about the food culture in Perth. Some well-liked food trucks include the Fantastic Mi which is known for its Vietnamese and Mexican bites and the Meat which brings flavours from the Middle East Palestine and Jordan. Food trucks are the best option for quick, tasty, and affordable food.
  • Cafe culture is really popular in Australia. Perth has got some awesome cafes like Sayer’s Sister and Boucla Kafenion which are popular for their delicious brunches and amazing coffee.     

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