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Yantai is surrounded by mountains and sea and enjoys a pleasant climate. It is located in the eastern part of the Shandong peninsula and borders the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It faces Japan and the Korean Peninsula which are located across the sea. The city area not only has gorgeous scenery, but seafood restaurants can be found on every corner. Yantai is often rated one of the most livable cities in China. Built on Yantai Mountain by more than a dozen countries after the opening of the city in 1861 are former consulates, churches, and a post office. Yantai has both rocky and sandy shores. The beautiful coast, sea, and mountains make Yantai a summer resort with many places of interest.

The best time to visit Yantai are between the months of April and October. It has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with moderate rainfall and high humidity. The city's annual average precipitation is 765.4 millimeters, the annual average temperature is 12.7 degrees Celsius, the sunshine hours are 2441.6 hours, and the frost free period is 284 days. The city’s pear blossoms bloom in the spring, and many spring outing festivals are also held during this period. Summer is the best time to visit Chang Island, the Golden Beach, and other seaside resorts. Seafood can be found all throughout the city.

There are many attractions in Yantai, including the Penglai Scenic Area, Yunfeng Mountain, World Water View Park, Yantai Mountain Park and so on. Hotels in Yantai are varied and include both luxury brands and affordable inns.

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