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Yokohama, a city full of high-rise buildings, is the seat of the prefectural office in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is also Japan's third-largest metropolitan area and the city with the country’s second largest population. This busy modern port city boasts beautiful harbor views, Western-style buildings and Japan’s most lively Chinatown. Due to the convenient connections to Tokyo's urban area, the city's development is quite similar to that of the capital. Many people think that Yokohama is a part of Tokyo, but the locals here are very proud of their hometown.

Yokohama is famous for its romantic night scenery. It is very suitable for one-day trips starting from Tokyo. Because of its large-scale performance venues, there are many fans come to Yokohama to see concerts and performances. In addition, travelers sometimes like to visit Yokohama, Kamakura, and Hakone due to their close proximity to each other.

Prices in Yokohama are basically the same as those in downtown Tokyo. One set meal at a restaurant is about JPY 1,500; one meal box at the supermarket is about JPY 500 to 800; an ordinary hotel in Yokohama costs about JPY 4,000 per person per night, but there are cheaper options for hotels in Yokohama. Transportation costs within the city are quite high; trams are about JPY 200 per way, while short-distance taxi fares are known to cost over JPY 2,000. It’s recommended to purchase discount tickets in advance.

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