Southern Xinjiang: Lake Karakul under the Mustagata Peak

✅Filming location: Taxian: 【White Sand Lake】【Karakul Lake】【Pamir Tourist Area】【Panlong Ancient Road】【Bandir Lake】【Taheman Wetland】(composed of 4 notes) - ✅Date: September 28, 29, 2023 ✅Weather: Sunny ✅Route: 28th: 1⃣️Depart from Kashgar at 9:00 in the morning 2⃣️Visit White Sand Lake in Tashkurgan 3⃣️Visit Karakul Lake at Mustagata Peak 4⃣️Visit Pamir Tourist Area 5⃣️Eat at Qishi Square in Taxian, stay in Taxian 29th: 1⃣️Depart from the hotel at 9:00 in the morning, take the Panlong Ancient Road 2⃣️On the way down from Panlong Ancient Road, pass by Bandir Lake and Taheman Wetland 3⃣️Return to Kashgar for overnight stay ✅Transportation: Self-driving ✅Accommodation: 28th: Full View Starry Sky Hotel 29th: Kashgar Yueju Homestay - ✅Tips for playing at White Sand Lake in Tashkurgan: 0.5~1 hour 1⃣️Admission: Free (view along the way) - ✅Tips for playing at Karakul Lake at Mustagata Peak: 1 hour 1⃣️Admission: 45 yuan 2⃣️You can ride horses, camels, and yaks for photos - ✅Tips for playing in Pamir Tourist Area: 1~1.5 hours 1⃣️Admission + shuttle bus: 50.5 yuan 2⃣️Take the shuttle bus for a few minutes to the Stone City, walk to the next bus stop, and then take the shuttle bus for a few minutes to the Folk Park - ✅Tips for playing on Panlong Ancient Road: 2 hours 1⃣️Admission: Free 2⃣️There are more than 600 bends, and the highest altitude exceeds 4000 meters 3⃣️Only seven-seater and below vehicles are allowed 4⃣️No U-turns allowed 5⃣️There are viewing platforms along the way where you can stop for photos - ✅Tips for playing at Bandir Lake & Taheman Wetland: 0.5 hours 1⃣️ Admission: Free (view along the way) - About drones: 1⃣️White Sand Lake: Free to fly 2⃣️Karakul Lake: Free to fly 3⃣️Pamir Tourist Area: No fly zone 4⃣️Panlong Ancient Road: Free to fly 5⃣️Bandir Lake: Free to fly 6⃣️Taheman Wetland: Free to fly - 📸Shooting equipment: iphone14promax, DJI mini3 pro
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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