Beautiful Brisbane River With Sunrise

Brisbane City is located right by the brisbane River. There are loads of apartments overlooking the amazing view and many restaurants and cafes that seats by the river allowing patrons to have breathtaking waterfront views while having brunch. For sport enthusiasts like most of the locals, will do their runs and bike along the river of brisbane with well paved track running along the city, thru the city botanic gardens and past the iconic south bank. You are also able to rent the electric scooter by downloading an app on your phone, and use it to explore the city. There is also a river cruise that runs like a taxi to serve the locals and several pit stops along the city. If you are a morning person, do wake up early to catch the beautiful sunrise and get a photo opportunity with the amazing back drop. #createwithtrip #tripmoments #urbanexplorer #cafes #brisbane #australia #city #awesomepic #nationalpark #gardens
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Posted: 27 Jun 2022
Samuel Kai Ching Yip
FC Chong
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Traveller Fish
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