Chengdu Surroundings|Heming Mountain Half-Day Tour

Drive 1h 30m to Dayi Chengdu's surrounding area with the most parent-child projects must be on the list This time, the journey is very flat, with no small roads Day Day up Ranch, located at No.2, Group 8, Sanyuanchang Village, Dayi County Upon arrival, I don't know if it's because the weather is too good The whole campsite is bright at first sight, as if attending a cute garden wedding The campsite is located in a village at the foot of the mountain, with a small stream nearby In addition to barbecue (168/person), lamb soup (special price this month 99/person), there are also lamb skewers (10/skewer), pickles (by weight), boiled beer (68/pot) and so on, no problem with getting full~ There were about 30 children and more than a dozen families that day, the venue is large so no need to worry about crowding, even a bit too much exercise. There is also a ranch inside, with horses, rabbits, sheep and other animals The most attractive is the parent-child activity led by the 'village chief', from morning to around three or four in the afternoon, older children can be let go to play, parents rest and chat Parent-child activities: parent-child interaction, milking sheep, making sheep milk soap, tug of war, popcorn, digging fish mint, etc. The service is very simple and unpretentious, without too much decoration, but it seems to be because of this, that we who have been working in the city for a long time have found the memories of playing in the mud when we were children....
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Posted: Dec 4, 2023
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