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It's not Yunnan! It's a less-known ancient town around Chengdu (with route)

There are many ancient towns around Chengdu, and this ancient town and niche village tour in the Dayi direction is really suitable for a small weekend arrangement! The children are already on vacation, and the New Year is coming soon. The old streets and alleys full of fireworks in the ancient town and the New Year... make the whole family very happy! 【Small town tour route】 Day 1 Anren Ancient Town The whole ancient town is very large and very atmospheric. The ancient and gloomy old street in the town center, the old buildings with red bricks and gray tiles, are simple and unpretentious, with few people and quiet... There are also trams to ride, it is the place in my heart like the ancient town of Yunnan. Then eat snacks on the central street, the lotus slices and collarbones on the street are really delicious, and the stinky tofu is also delicious, full of fireworks! Day2 Nan'an Meicun It is very close to Anren Ancient Town. On the first day, I was tired of folk architecture. The air here is good and the rural scenery is full. You can ride the greenway or walk. The rice fields along the way are green and oily, and the rapeseed flowers are also blooming. The trail is safe and easy, suitable for the whole family, with good scenery and different flower colors all year round. Easily check in to the same wheat field as Xizhou.
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Posted: Jan 28, 2024
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Anren Ancient Town

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