Ice and snow hot springs, a shocking experience of ice and fire

Ice and snow hot springs, a shocking experience of ice and fire❄️❄️🔥🔥 Not in Hokkaido⛷️, not even in Changbai Mountain🏔️ It's in Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain🏔️ - The brave enjoy the world first It's never too late to start now You must try soaking in a hot spring in the snow The ultimate dual experience❄️🔥 - Winter is the peak season for Xiling Snow Mountain It's also the perfect season for hot springs Perfect winter Skiing and hot springs are indispensable - If you soak in a hot spring, you must choose a natural sulfur hot spring - ♨Sulfur hot spring: A naturally formed hot spring, the spring water contains hydrogen sulfide. Soaking in this kind of hot spring has the effect of beautifying and healing the body and mind, and it is very beneficial to the body and skin🛀🛀🛀 - In addition to hot springs, the most unmissable thing in winter is hot pot 🍲Snow Mountain Nourishing Soup Pot (Special Smoked Ribs Hot Pot) Recommended special smoked ribs hot pot, a mouthful of fragrance - ✔Recommended Chengdu 2-day 1-night tour route Day 1: Chengdu→Heming Mountain/Sloping Source Ancient Town→Hotel Day 2: Hotel→Xiling Snow Mountain→Chengdu - ⛲ Hotel: Sichuan Chengdu Huashuiwan Howard Johnson Hot Spring Hotel 📍 Address: No. 2 Wucheng Street, Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan 🚗 Transportation: You can reach it by driving 1.5h from Chengdu city center
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Posted: Feb 5, 2024
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Chengdu Howard Johnson Huashuiwan Hot Springs Resort

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