N Brush Xiling Snow Mountain Nanny-level Snow Play Guide

Chengdu Little Potato's 🥔 doorstep snow play place Of course it's Xiling Snow Mountain 🏔️ Whether it's watching the snow ❄️ watching the sunrise 🌅 Or skiing 🎿 snowball fights Xiling Snow Mountain can satisfy our imagination 😙 - Local people's nanny-level ❤️ guide Easily get the essence of Xiling Snow Mountain snow play ❄️ - 🚙Transportation Self-driving 1.5h: Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway ~ Dayi East Exit ~ Dayi North Second Ring Road ~ Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area (Back Mountain) - 🕐Scenic Area Operating Hours: 1️⃣ Mandarin Duck Pool Cable Car Opening Hours ☑️ Monday to Friday: 8:30 ☑️ Saturday, Sunday, 8th to 15th: 8:00 ☑️ New Year's Day, Spring Festival (first to seventh day): 6:30 - 2️⃣ Sun Moon Cable Car Opening Hours: Daily 7:00 3️⃣ Project Operating Hours ☑️ Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 8th to 15th: 9:00 ☑️ Spring Festival (first to seventh day): Skiing 7:30, other projects 8:00 - 🏨Accommodation There are currently several hotels in the scenic area, with different prices, both at the foot of the mountain and on the mountain. If you want to see the sunrise and snow scene as soon as you open your eyes, you can live on the mountain If you want a higher cost performance, you can also live in Huashui Bay, and you can also soak in the hot springs♨️ - ㊙️ Play tips 1⃣ If you want to play projects and take pictures, you can mainly play in the Snow Square. The red house 📷 in winter is more dreamy 2⃣ If you want to see the sea of clouds ☁️ and rime, you can take the cable car to Riyueping, walk a little further to Tingxue Caotang, where you can feel the artistic conception of 'the window contains the thousand autumn snow of Xiling' 3⃣ If you want to ski, the scenic area also has ski trails of different difficulties, which can satisfy both beginners and professional players - 💰Cost reference 🎫Ticket: 328 yuan ticket + Mandarin Duck Pool Cable Car Round Trip + Sun Moon Cable Car Round Trip + Sightseeing Car Round Trip 🎿Skiing: about 100 per hour
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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Xiling Snow Mountain

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