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Good weather calls for a walk outdoors ☀️ Foshan's Xiqiao Mountain is really suitable for outdoor hiking activities! During the vacation, take a walk in Xiqiao Mountain, breathe fresh air, overlook the beautiful scenery of the city, and enjoy a very comfortable and free activity arrangement. 🍃 ⭕️ Route arrangement North Gate → 🚌Baofeng Temple → Check-in Guanyin Statue → Yiyouting Square, Lawn Art Exhibition → Tianhu Park → 🚌North Gate ⭕️ Check-in point ✔️"Chopping Wood, Splendid" Lion Dance Performance As the signature program of the Xiqiao Mountain Festival, the lion dance performance is not to be missed! Traditional lions, dragon dance, and water flying lions take turns to perform! One exciting performance after another! ✔️"Woodcutting, Fun" Lion Dance Art Exhibition Experience the leisurely and comfortable mountain life, check in at the 5-meter-tall giant rabbit art installation, and the trees wearing flower clothes 🌳 are very special! ✔️"Woodcutter, Delicious" Wake Lion Cuisine All kinds of special food stalls are in full swing! Tea drinks, snacks, and cultural and creative products are all arranged! There is also the KFC coffee car in the spotlight! Remember to take a photo with K coffee and K Grandpa! ✔️Huang Feihong Lion Art Martial Arts Museum The martial arts hall at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain is worth a visit! In addition to admiring various displays, there are also dragon and lion dance troupes and martial arts performances to watch. ⭕️ Dining Near the Guanyin statue, there are vegetarian restaurants offering a wide selection of options such as rice, vegetarian snacks, and tofu pudding. The taste is pretty good too. 😋 ⚠️Attention‼️ The last sightseeing bus is at 17:30, don't miss it! Remember to bring drinking water and replenish your energy in time 💧. Take good sun protection ☀️ and mosquito 🦟 measures! ⛰️ | Scenic spot: Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area ⏰ | Duration of play: 1 day 🈺️ | Opening hours: 7:30am to 5:30pm
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Posted: 12 May 2023
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