8 romantic islands in dreams @ waiting for you to experience in Foshan

Summer is here, you don't have to run to the beach or climb up the mountains, you can experience the romantic island lifestyle of "half city mountains and waters, full city green" in Foshan, and feel the harmony between humans and nature. Why not take your family and friends out of the house and go see the vast world of Foshan! Haishou Island It is located in the most beautiful and widest section of the Xijiang River, with a sea longevity village of over 3,000 indigenous people on the island. The only means of transportation linking the people on the island with the opposite bank is a ferry. The most charming thing about Haishou Island is cycling on the 6.6-kilometer-long island greenway, where the houses on both sides are neat and the paths are winding, and you can hear the egrets flying and the river breeze blowing. If you happen to encounter a gorgeous sunset, dyeing half of the sky red between the water and the sky, poetry and distance are within reach. You can also enjoy happy and warm camping time with family and friends at the Ark Campsite on Haishou Island, or stay comfortably in a homestay on the island for a night. Self-driving: Navigate to "Haishoudao Pier" and take the ferry to the island upon arrival. Golden Sands Island Looking from high above, Jinsha Island resembles a light boat, stretching from the northern boundary of the South China Sea and Sanshui administrative line to the intersection of Nansha Chong and Dongping Waterway in the south, anchored on the river east of Danzao. Water areas, tidal flats, forests, grasslands...with a wetland coverage rate of 95.83%, this is the only national wetland park in the South China Sea! Green trees provide shade, herons fly around, flowers bloom, take a stroll and everywhere you look is a beautiful scenery. Self-driving: Navigate to "Jinsha Island National Wetland Park, Nanhai, Guangdong" Xianlu Island The Bai Ni waterway, Liu Xi River, and Xinan Creek flow around the island and converge southward into the Pearl River, shaping the unique texture of Xianlu Island in the heart of the river. The Cycling Inn is the most comfortable island bookstore on Xianlu Island. In the beautiful countryside with clear mountains and water, and the smoke of cooking rising, there are books, tea, and flowers as companions, making it a great place to take a break and adjust. Thanks to the unique natural environment of Xianlu Island and the continuous upgrading of the Xianlu Island Ecological Tourism Resort, more and more campsites with distinctive features and complete facilities are settling on Xianlu Island. Self-driving: Navigate to "Xianlu Island Tourist Service Center" Dasha Island This is a small island known as the "last pure land of Shunde". There is no development or industrial area here, no industrial atmosphere, and not too much commercial atmosphere. All that is here is the gift of nature. Everything on the island is very primitive: ancient trees and green bamboo, mulberry fish ponds along the paths, barefoot fishermen, scurrying crabs, and the gentle breeze blowing over the river... Although travel on the island is mainly by boat, it cannot stop people who cherish nature from exploring. Self-driving: Navigate to "Dashan Island" Nansha Island It is an inland island on the Xijiang River, not too big nor too small, and a "Peach Blossom Land" far away from the hustle and bustle. The island still retains the authentic characteristics of Lingnan rural areas, such as fish ponds, orchards, farmhouses, poultry and livestock, as well as numerous small temples, forming a beautiful picture of a water and countryside. Come for a cycling trip to Nansha Island in Jun'an, slowly ride along the island greenway of Donghai Lüdao by the river, with a gentle breeze passing by, the river seems within reach, the beautiful environment along the way makes people feel relaxed and at ease. Taste Shunde cuisine, enjoy the pastoral scenery, cultivate flowers and seedlings, catch shrimp in the tidal wetlands... Parent-child experience, natural exploration, agricultural and fishing civilization, add a special experience to Nansha Island. Self-driving: Navigate to "Jun'an Nansha Tourist Reception Center" Pozi Point Sunshine, beach, fishing village, cuisine... Hidden in Baibi Town is a sightseeing island called Pozijiao, known as the "Maldives of China" by locals. Located on the bank of the Xijiang River, Bozijiao can be found by driving to Shuiyun Village in Baifeng Town. From the 29th lighthouse standing at the southern end of the village, to the riverbank line near the nearby Fulong Xijiang Bridge, all belong to the scope of Bozijiao. In the "San Shui County Place Name Chronicle", there is a picture record about Bozijiao: at dusk, the sparkling surface of the Xijiang River is covered with the sunset glow, and the poetic and picturesque scene of "the setting sun and the lonely duck flying together, the autumn water sharing the same color as the sky" leaps off the paper. Walking along the riverbank from the lighthouse, you can enjoy different scenery along the way. The various shaped reefs are the work of nature; the rippling river and sparkling beaches give people the illusion of being on an island; the boats moored on the shore and the quiet standing villages emit a festive atmosphere everywhere. Pozi Jiao not only boasts the scenic beauty of Xijiang that rivals that of islands, but also offers delicious river fresh food and the culture of the Danjia people. Here, you can enjoy a slow-paced life in a small fishing village with your family and friends, and taste the non-heritage delicacies of Sanshui, such as "He Gan Gai Zhen Zhu" and "La Ya Zha". Self-driving: Navigate to "Bozi Corner". Green Island Lake This is an island with extremely beautiful Lingnan water scenery. Small bridges and flowing water, the water town scenery is extremely beautiful. Walking along the waterfront corridor with family, feeling the cool breeze blowing gently, circles of ripples appear on the vast lake surface, and occasionally "encountering" a few herons living on the island in the center of the lake. Even the greenery adds to the romantic atmosphere. Self-driving: Navigate to "Nanzhuang Green Island Lake". Binhe Park It is adjacent to the Xijiang River in Gaoming. Walking along the riverbank gives a sense of being in "Little Kenting". If you're lucky, you can also see water birds, giving a feeling of being at the seaside. Here, all kinds of fresh and trendy restaurants and bars gather together. Watching the river view while enjoying delicious food and's amazing! During the day, bring your family and friends to a small shop, look at the river view, feel the river breeze, have a cup of afternoon tea, and enjoy the leisurely afternoon time! Self-driving: Navigate to "Binhe Park Ecological Cultural and Creative Park".
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Posted: 14 May 2023
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