Take her on a trip! A complete guide to eating, drinking, playing and having fun for 2 days and 1 night in Shunde.

Going to Shunde means non-stop photo-taking and eating! This time, bring your girlfriend and celebrate White Valentine's Day~ Eat, drink, play, and have fun all planned out! 🌈 DAY 1 Fisherman's Wharf - Joy Coast PLUS - Sheraton Shunde Hotel - Fisherman's Wharf is a must-visit spot, while couples come to Shunde, Definitely go on the Ferris wheel at Happy Coast PLUS~ From the hotel, it only takes a few minutes by car. Overlooking the entire amusement park from a height of 100 meters, super romantic! Suggestion to come in the evening, the red and purple sunset is truly stunning. This time I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in Shunde, which is very convenient for visiting nearby attractions. The lobby is in Baroque style, Low-key luxury design, violin-shaped load-bearing columns, advanced and elegant. And the executive suite not only has a spacious room, but also boasts a first-class view from the balcony! At night, you can still see a spectacular light show. Dinner will be taken care of at the hotel, with a luxurious and abundant buffet of delicious food. Abalone, scallops, large shrimp, and bread crabs are super rich. Seafood is now free, and there's also Wellington steak. The key point is that the drinks are also unlimited and free. Red wine can be refilled~ Shunde is indeed the capital of food, 🌈 Guests staying in executive rooms can access the executive lounge, enjoy coffee while admiring the river view from a 270-degree angle. The surrounding staff are also very nice, showcasing the "software" advantages of international brand hotels. For those who love working out, there are plenty of options such as gyms, swimming pools, and tennis courts. DAY 2 Jin Feng Huang Square - Return journey Hotel breakfast, you must try Guangzhou-style rice noodle rolls! Jin Fenghuang Square is in the spring season, and the jacaranda and golden trumpet trees are in full bloom, If you have time, go for a walk in Shunfengshan Park and Huagai Road again. Double skin milk, ginger milk pudding, turtle jelly, and other desserts, avoid the blind spots and don't step on any mines. Shunde has so many places worth checking in!
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Posted: 25 Mar 2023
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