Eating, drinking, and wandering

Day 4 (2023.03.19: Shunde Daliang → Beijiao → Ronggui) 1) Morning tea: Phoenix City Restaurant (This morning tea is relatively expensive compared to those I've had in the past few days; the decoration of the restaurant is also relatively new and fashionable; there is a noticeable difference in the customer flow for morning tea, with more young people; the rice noodle rolls are very good, authentic and with a good taste; the custard buns have a bit of a Hong Kong-style flavor, with a texture of sand in the filling; the savory pancakes and squid cakes are average.) 2) Beijiao: a town under the jurisdiction of Shunde, overall very clean, with a small population and quite peaceful. The archway in the center of the square is very imposing (it is also the birthplace of Midea and Country Garden headquarters). Due to time constraints, I mainly wandered around the central square. The feeling it gives is that the cultural construction is relatively well done, with many artistic sculptures on the streets and in the square, which are very distinctive. 3) Lingnan Huyuan: It is a contemporary traditional garden in Lingnan style. The name "Huyuan" comes from the "harmony" in Laozi's Tao Te Ching, which means "all things carry yin and embrace yang, and blend their life breaths in harmony." The word "harmony" represents the core philosophy of ancient Chinese philosophy, and the word "Huyuan" represents the harmony and happiness of secular life, symbolizing the creation of a peaceful and prosperous world by people. (There are several exhibition halls in the garden, such as shadow puppetry, Cantonese opera, paper-cutting intangible cultural heritage, Guangcai intangible cultural heritage, and garden introduction, which are quite distinctive and can be considered as a long-term knowledge of cultural relics.) 4) Lunch: Da Shu Tou Dessert (ordered fried sweet potato, sauce-flavored stinky tofu, fried chicken wings, pan-fried taro cake, red bean double skin milk, taro ball with grass jelly, ate very full and honest, even got a takeaway of fish balls and flavored chicken feet when leaving, all tasted good) 5) Old City Area: Take a stroll along the old Ma Road, Industrial Road, Diesel Engine 1959, and Fisherman's Wharf. (There are not many shops left on Ma Road and Industrial Road, and the few dessert, herbal tea, and snack shops are also very quiet with few people. Diesel Engine 1959 and Fisherman's Wharf are a bit like Shanghai's Xuhui Riverside and Yangpu Riverside. They are commercial areas transformed from old factory buildings left behind after relocation. Relatively speaking, there are more people in Fisherman's Wharf. Sometimes, the desolation and bustle of prosperity are really just a street away.) 5) Dinner: Nanji Restaurant (returned to the city by bus; the queue at Nanji was a bit longer than expected, arrived around 5 o'clock and already got number 35+; waited for about an hour to be seated, waited for another hour for the dishes, finished eating around 8 o'clock, it was one of the longer meals; the taste of the fish sashimi was average, but the ingredients were delicious, a total of 17 ingredients, add them according to your own taste)
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Posted: 27 Mar 2023
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