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Happy moments are all in Yingxiang Ecological Park.

Yingxiang Ecological Park is really big. We spent a whole morning just admiring the flower fields with their various colors. Everyone was happy, whether they liked flowers or amusement rides. It's worth mentioning that the ticket price affects the level of spectacle you'll see. But even with the admission fee, it's definitely worth it. Spring is the best time to go for a walk and enjoy the blooming flowers. Visited Yingxiang twice in a month. The first time I went with some friends, and then a week later, there was a school spring outing. Recently, there have been too many school outings, and the park is always crowded with people. First time going to the main amusement park for thrill rides, both adults and children checked in. Played until the end, didn't have time for the Ferris wheel and feeding small animals. The second time there were clearly more people. The small train reportedly had a two-hour wait! The rainbow slide also had a wait of about half an hour. This time, the glass bridge package ticket I bought arrived on a cloudy morning without the sun, which was refreshing. It's very convenient to get to Yingxiang and the parking lot is large, but if you arrive early, you can choose a spot closer to the entrance. The park is full of popular check-in spots, colorful flower fields, farmhouse elements, and various bamboo products are displayed inside the house, which is overwhelming. Children are reluctant to leave the amusement park, where a day is not enough. Buy discounted package tickets in advance, 99 yuan for two adults and two children, super cost-effective.
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Posted: 1 May 2023
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Yingxiang Ecological Garden

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