My journey's best - the most pleasant afternoon.

Many times, the journey is rushed, rushing for planes, trains, and business hours... Everything seems like a rush, and being able to stop and enjoy a slow time seems like a luxury. Looking back on my journey, there were many hurried moments, some leisurely and relaxed, but the most pleasant memory for me was spending an afternoon by Lake Geneva and the old city. From Nice, France, flying to Geneva was already in the afternoon, but the good weather there still didn't spare its golden sunshine. Everything was covered with a warm yellow coat under the radiance, making Geneva, which was originally busy, reflect a pleasant and peaceful era. Lake Geneva is also a good place for locals to relax. It was already October in the golden autumn, and although the sunshine was warm, there was still a bit of chill when the wind blew, and the lake water was quite cold. But there were still handsome guys and beautiful girls sunbathing by the lake. Nearby, there were groups of people, clear lake water, leisurely swans, rainbow fountains soaring into the sky in the distance, European-style buildings by the lake, snow-capped peaks on the horizon, everything between humans and nature was so harmonious! I also love the old town of Geneva so much. The spire of the cathedral, the famous long bench, the drinking fountain at the street corner, the old-fashioned shops, and the greeting "bonjour" from a stranger coming towards me make me want to stop and sit in a corner, watching people come and go, watching time pass by. In the blink of an eye, 12 years have passed. I have traveled to more countries and cities, but this afternoon in Geneva is deeply rooted in my memory. I think, one day I will return there, sit by the lake and watch time pass by.
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Posted: 15 Feb 2023
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