Why do so many people want to come here? ❓ Is it just because of the swans? 🐣

A country blessed by God 👰, with picturesque scenery, suitable for travel all year round ✈️. The northern city of Basel has world-class contemporary art and architecture, while the western Lake Geneva is dotted with many castles, villages, and wine 🍸 estates. The central region of the Jungfrau area is an epic outdoor paradise, the eastern national park is magnificent and grand, and the southern glaciers are breathtaking. In addition, major cities such as Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva, and Bern are perfect for experiencing the culture and humanities. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva in the French-speaking area of Switzerland, Montreux is truly a super suitable place for vacation! We went there in March and it was really warm when the sun was out, feeling like we had entered summer early. The lakeside is full of various kinds of flowers 💐, and the richness of the flower species really amazed me. It's especially suitable for taking a walk 🚶 along the lake with friends or loved ones, or choosing a favorite flower bed to sunbathe and chat. In the midst of the rippling waves 💦, the clear and transparent lake water seems to blend into the white snow on the top of the Alps. The white gravel at the bottom of the lake reflects the moving ripples caused by the gentle breeze and the flapping of water birds 🕊️. Groups of swans are playing on this transparent and bright sapphire 💎, their smooth and delicate wings shining brightly in the sunlight. I think I have found the fairyland Swan Lake 🏞️ from the fairy tales. In Geneva, the summer☀ is not hot, but the winter is very cold💨. The southern region of the Alps🗻 has a Mediterranean climate, which is relatively dry in summer and warm and humid in winter. The transitional climate on the north side of the Alps is very obvious, with a mix of mild and humid temperate oceanic climate and cold winter and hot summer temperate continental climate from west to east. Some high-altitude areas have a plateau mountain climate. The climate here is very diverse, so the best time🕐 to visit is relatively scattered.
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Posted: 16 Apr 2023
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