#HAMILTON ISLAND, the only large island in the Great Barrier Reef with an airport, can enjoy the beauty of corals and the starting point for other islands like Airlie Beach. Hamilton Island Like Daydream Island, the project is very rich, with diving/yacht/karting/beach volleyball. . . As well as water aerobics, the biggest feature is the jungle walk (you can choose to pay for a tour guide or you can shuttle) Most tourists choose to vacation in hamilton, there are 2-4 people on the island who can rent a car Car, you can diy the whole trip, there are many small shops to go shopping, there are sales of villas selling ~ ~ ~ hamilton people have a higher gas phase, you can also choose to go to the white sand next door. *About the boat schedule and sailing time - 11
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
Maky & Matt
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Hamilton Island

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Hamilton Island
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Hamilton Island