There are four famous ski resorts in Jilin.吉林四大滑雪场

There are four super famous snow fields in Jiangcheng and Jilin. Jiangcheng is famous for several snow fields, making snowmen, snowball fights, skiing, rime, snow hot springs, which are not available in the south. In the snowy winter, there is a shining white scene everywhere. In particular, there are many European-style resorts and ski towns in the northeast. After playing in the snow, they can also have a comfortable survival experience and enjoy the snow. 1. [Beidahu Ski Resort]: This ski resort is located in a mountain covered by ice and snow, which is in the golden latitude of ice and snow on the earth.It is said that Beidahu Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in China. It is also a mecca for ski enthusiasts. This ski resort is surrounded by mountains, and the location in the middle is very high, and the shape is like a kettle, so some people call it Beidahu, where many professional international skiing competitions are held. There are not only natural ski resorts, but also man-made ski resorts, because there are many snow-making equipment and the snow quality is very good, which also makes many people happy to play here. Location: Beidahu Development Zone, Jilin Province Price160/person Transportation: After arriving in Jilin by plane or train, you can take a taxi directly. Tip: This place is very cold, remember to bring more hot stickers, cotton shoes please choose non-slip, be sure to wear a hat or ear bag, if you have ski equipment to bring their own, because it is a little expensive to rent, bring a power bank, in the cold place to play mobile phone power consumption is very fast. Tickets can be booked online in advance, so there is no need to queue up. If you wear light-colored clothes, you will be very good at taking pictures. 2. [Songhua Lake Ski Resort]: This ski resort must be known to everyone. The proper snow resort, from the dimensional location to the cultural advantages of the rich snowfall, has attracted the attention of many travelers here. 3. [Changbai Mountain Luneng Ski Resort]: The situation of this ski resort has been introduced in detail in previous pictures and texts. Luneng Ski Resort in Changbai Mountain is a very good place for skiing. The important thing is that its scenery is very beautiful. There are many scenic spots around it. In winter, many couples will come here to take wedding photos. The ski resort is very large, and there are all kinds of ski trails, and many extreme ski enthusiasts will come here to share their skills. 4. [Changbai Mountain Ski Resort]: This ski resort is also introduced in detail in the past pictures and texts. There are not only ski resorts, but also Tianchi Lake, as well as many excellent ski resorts. Here, from the journey to accommodation to scenic spots, it is beautiful. Very much like a Swiss ski resort. 江城吉林四个超有名雪场。 江城超有名几大雪场,堆雪人,打雪仗,滑雪,雾凇,雪地温泉,这些乐趣是在南方得不到的。 银装素裹的冬天到处都是一片闪着白色的景象。特别是东北的超多欧式度假村和滑雪小镇。在玩雪后还能有舒服的生存体验和赏雪的乐趣。 1. 【北大湖滑雪场】:这个雪场在一个被冰雪包裹的大山里,处于地球上的冰雪黄金纬度。据说北大湖滑雪度假区是中国最大的滑雪场。也是滑雪狂热爱好者的圣地。这个滑雪场被群山包围,中间的地理位置又特别高,形状有些像水壶,所以也有人管这里叫北大壶,很多专业的国际滑雪比赛都是在这里举办的。这里不仅有天然滑雪场,还有人造滑雪场,因为造雪设备特别多,雪质特别好,也让很多人乐意到这里玩。 位置:吉林省的北大湖开发区 价格:160/人 交通:以飞机或者火车的方式抵达吉林后,直接打车过去就可以了。 提示:这个地方非常寒冷,记得多带一些热贴,棉鞋请选择防滑的,一定要戴帽子或者耳包,如果自己有滑雪装备要自己带,因为去租的话稍微有些贵,带上一个充电宝,在寒冷的地方玩儿手机耗电量很快。门票可以提前在网上预定,就不用去排队了。穿浅色的衣服,拍照会很出片。 2、【松花湖滑雪场】:这个滑雪场想必大家都知道。妥妥的玩雪圣地,从维度位置到人文优势丰厚的降雪量,都让众多旅友关注了这里。 3、【长白山鲁能滑雪场】:这个滑雪场的情况在往期图文里有详细介绍。位于长白山的鲁能滑雪场是一个滑雪非常好的地方,重要的是它的景色非常的美,周围的景区也很多,冬季有很多情侣会到这里拍婚纱照。雪场很大,滑雪道什么类型的都有,很多滑雪极限爱好者都会到这里分享技
Posted: 4 Feb 2023
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