A true ancient city (Kashgar)

This is a living ancient city, where many Uighur compatriots live and work. The goods and food sold here are all characteristic of Xinjiang, and there is no serious homogenization problem like many so-called ancient cities in the mainland. More importantly, there is no deception here, the prices are in line with the outside or even lower, but the quality will not be discounted The ancient city is divided into east and west parts, the west is more primitive, the commercial atmosphere is not as strong as the east, there are more residential houses, the children playing on the street and the elderly doing handicrafts or sunbathing by the roadside are more content, it is recommended to visit here during the day, to experience the local customs of the Uighur compatriots, they are very hospitable The east is more popular because of the Khan Bazaar, and the nearby streets are bustling almost all day. There are more various foods and shops gathered here, come here at night to experience the night market in southern Xinjiang, it has a different flavor I would like to recommend the house of Bayi Laoye, although there is an admission fee, it is still worth a visit. There are three floors above and below the ground, the room layout follows the tradition, you can fully experience the corrupt life of the Uighur landlords In addition, a friendly reminder, not many tourists pay to come in, as long as they come in, most of them are here to take photos, and generally those who like to take photos are not bad in appearance, so you know Pictures 11-20 are all taken in Bayi Laoye's house, by the way, it is now renamed Maimaiti's house...
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Posted: Jan 6, 2024
Nong Phonethida
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