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You should always go to Kashgar~

Without going to Kashgar, you can't say you've been to Xinjiang. As someone who has lived in Xinjiang for two years, I go to the ancient city of Kashgar whenever I have time. Every time I go, I have different feelings and see different scenery. I really like it. Especially the slow pace of the ancient city, the combination of scenery and culture, it's really comfortable. Every corner of the ancient city of Kashgar is a beautiful scene, and the scenery is getting more and more beautiful. Kashgar is a place you will want to visit again after the first visit❤️ Kashgar copywriting💖 1⃣️"Can you imagine what the Western Regions look like? It's the long day and the sunset at 10:30."🌄 📍 Kashgar Old City 2⃣️"No one will come through the fog. The scenery you like, you have to see for yourself." 📍 Oytagh Glacier Park 3⃣️"This land full of exotic colors will not disappoint you."🏜️ 📍Oytagh • Red Canyon 4⃣️"Pamir Plateau, a touch of the purest color."🏞️ 📍White Sand Lake 5⃣️"Every cloud that falls without a trace, I stole it and sent it to you, my most precious." 📍Karaku Lake 6⃣️"Today I have walked all the winding roads, From now on, life is all smooth." 📍Pamir • Panlong Ancient Road Kashgar Old City
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Posted: Feb 5, 2024
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