This time, Semporna is more beautiful than two years ago. The weather is good every day. The explosion is clear and the color is extremely high. Hq It is better to be with the friends. Backlighting Diving Team is not only Yan value online must also be fun
Posted: 11 Jul 2019
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Bohey Dulang Island
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Learn the skills of travel | Learn a Malaysian famous song This is the biggest gain of my trip, a five-tone incomplete, shy girl opened to learn Malay famous song "Anak Kampung" (country children ). One sounds very happy, but it is actually a song of bitterness. The song probably tells the story of the sadness of the poor children in the country who fell in love with the rich women. Poor boy also wished the rich girl not to meet such a poor boy in the future. The world is so big, so the cool story really has wherever it is. It is also true that the world is the same. Of course, if you dont know the meaning of the song, you will not believe that this is a song of such bitterness. Also because of this song, I met a group of interesting TAs. Our learning method is to take the younger brother of the Youth Hostel Wan (that is, our teacher) every day and study it over and over again. Whoever comes and wants to learn can organize a group. I dont want to listen to it. About learning, I am serious, and I am going to give myself a "meal". The boatman who forced the dive shop taught me. The boatman is very enthusiastic. The whole person in Semporna is very enthusiastic. This song everyone will, they are singing on this matter. and definitely won't laugh at you, it's all encouragement. If you also go to Semporna, if you also go to bed, strong Amway you also learn this song to give your trip a unique pleasure. Lifting a small brick UP will not be broken mention small brick UP does not include your learning but the package Wan will seriously teach because, do not mention the small brick UP he is still Will be seriously taught, that is, Peace & Love after all, the most stupid little brick UP, has been successfully graduated believe in the wisdom of you, must learn! ! !