Suburban Family Hiking|Let's go to Yangshuyan Reservoir

For those who don't want to go too far, and don't want to play in the city, you can head here. There are mountains, lakes, and a ★ sunny forest, There are no stairs on the mountain, all are stones and wild roads, I went in April, my little treasure is over three years old, it's a bit difficult for him, but he still climbed to the top of the mountain by himself, you can see the distant mountains at the peak, it's so beautiful, and very relaxing. When going down the mountain, I almost got lost, it is recommended not to go too wild, follow the main road, although climbing the mountain is a bit difficult, but seeing such beautiful scenery, we are all very happy, it is also an unforgettable experience for the children, and also gained a passion, wait for the child to grow up and come again for the second brush, walk through the Big Top Mountain together! This mountain is so clean, there are hardly any garbage along the way, the air is all fresh smell. Be sure to pay attention to hiking!! Wear some comfortable clothes, the mountain is almost all wild roads and big stones, be sure to wear non-slip shoes and bring your own garbage bags All necessities are packed in the backpack, it is not recommended to carry handbags and bags, it is inconvenient and strenuous There are no shops nearby, prepare dry food and water. 5 It is recommended for children over four years old to experience. 6 Go in groups, don't go alone Hiking is a very interesting thing, but, be careful for safety to avoid accidents. : Huangpi District Yangshuyan Reservoir P: It takes about 1H to drive from Hankou, parking is free
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Posted: Nov 26, 2023
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