Trip to Wuhan

This was a very pleasant trip, three days and two nights in Wuhan. I placed an order on Ctrip, and the customer service communication was very patient. Departing from Ankang to Wuchang, the driver Mr. Yang who picked us up had a good attitude and provided enthusiastic and meticulous service. The hotel conditions were very good, a luxurious double room, clean and sanitary, fully equipped, and full marks for comfort. Especially heartwarming was our driver Mr. Li who accompanied us for two days, he was enthusiastic and thoughtful, knowledgeable, and served as both driver and tour guide throughout the trip, introducing us to many historical sites and attractions in Wuhan. Thank you very much! Wuhan is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, it is traditional and modern, simple and luxurious. The prosperity of Jianghan Road, the worldly life of Shuita Street and Liangdao Street, the ancient memories of Tanhualin, the vast and quiet East Lake, the vast and magnificent Yangtze River, the romance and poetry of the Yellow Crane Tower... all show the endless charm of this beautiful and low-key hero city. Coming to Wuhan in winter, you can appreciate the fresh and elegant beauty of wax plum, read the long and profound history... History, culture, food, scenery! Traditional, modern, I like them all. I like Wuhan, it's a charming city that makes you want to come back.
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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