I've been to Taipei! Went to Kaohsiung Road! Visited Treasure Island Park!

In one day, I visited 'Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan'😆 This is Taipei Road in Wuhan, where names from all over the place gather. In the small alleys of the winter streets, there seems to be a warmth of fireworks. Spring Festival play citywalk🚶 1⃣️Taipei Road Taipei First Road, Taipei Second Road, experience local snacks 2⃣️Treasure Island Park The two Dragon and Tiger Towers are very prominent, and it is also a good place for leisurely walks. 3⃣️Kaohsiung Road The whole street is full of romantic and artistic coffee and cultural creativity. 4⃣️Taipei Courtyard The sense of New Year's ceremony is full, the Dragon Year art installation, red and festive. New year, new atmosphere, I took a lot of pink photos this year💕💕 I hope to encounter peach blossoms this year, and also wish my family a happy Dragon Year
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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Wuhan, see you next time