Wuhan 'Little Xiamen' | Hanyang Station Front Flower Street

Last weekend, I came to the Flower Street in front of Hanyang Station. This is actually the place that Little Hum wanted to come to. It seems to be a hot check-in spot in Wuhan in 23 years, known as Wuhan 'Little Xiamen'🤪. However, on a cloudy afternoon in winter, there are hardly any tourists here, but you can imagine that when the sun is good, it will indeed be very bright here. The Flower Street is about several hundred meters long. You can enter from the south and walk all the way to the north of Flower Street. Along the way, there will be abandoned railway tracks🚉, Hanyang Station landmarks, childhood snack shops, colorful small houses, etc. At the end of Flower Street is the Hanyang Railway Station locked by an iron gate, where real green trains🚞 will pass. We also accidentally found a big iron gate with a sign saying 'Beware of the dog, strangers do not enter' in Flower Street. When we approached the gate, there really was a 'ferocious dog' rushing towards us - a pastoral dog🐶 with a fierce appearance, hahaha! 📌Tips: 1️⃣It is still better to choose to come at a sunny time for better photos. 2️⃣You can locate 'Little Day Coffee Shop (Station Front Flower Street Small Train Shop)' to enter Flower Street. 📍Address: Opposite Guiyuan Flower World, Hanyang District 🚇Transport: Metro Line 4 'Hanyang Railway Station' Exit B
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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