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Natural diamond of Zhanjiang city!

Address: The Huguang Yan Scenic Area, Huguang township, Mazhang district, Zhanjiang city. How to go there: taxi or bus no. 3, bus no. 6, bus no. 9. Highlights - Beautiful scenery, renting a bike for exploring, Lengyan temple, the sea watching tower. Rating - 5/5, outstanding place. Admission - 70¥ (10$) per person Instagram - maestrox___ When you visit Zhanjiang city on the very west of Guangdong province, you don't know what you can expect, you can't find a lot of useful information on the internet about what kind of attractions you can see in this beautiful and I would like to say a little bit underrated city in Guangdong province. But what you can find is some amazing natural gems. I explored Global Geopark which is a member of a big UNESCO organization, so that's saying a lot about this place. First, the park is built on the maar volcanic landforms and includes geological relics such as coastal landforms and structural geological landforms. The park's main attraction is Huguang Yan Lake, a typical maar lake in China and one of the best-preserved crater lakes in China and the world. The sediment at the lake's bottom has witnessed changes in climate and environment over the last 100,000 years. The park has a long history dating back to the Sui Dynasty (581-618) when Buddhist monks built some ancient temples such as the Lengyan Temple and Baiyi Nunnery. So, if you visiting Zhanjiang, I recommend you to visit this remarkable place. The best when to explore renting some of the vehicles can be single bicycles, bicycles for two, or electric vehicles. Also here you can find restaurants that offer delicious chicken which is one of Zhanjiang's food specialties.
Posted: 1 Feb 2023
Cheng violeta carreon
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