Bahai Gardens
Israel travels to beat Haifa's most beautiful Baha'i Sky Garden # Haifa [Location]# is the northern port city of Israel, 160 km from Tel Aviv and 2 hours drive. The Bahai Gardens, a sacred place for the Bah' sect (Pan Ishii seems to be converted to this sect), was listed by the United Nations as a "World Heritage List" in 2008. The Bah' Garden is a stepped symmetrical structure that extends from the hill to the beach. The Baha'i Garden is divided into upper, middle and lower sections, with a total of 19 floors (19 months in the Bah' religion, 19 days per month). The lower part is open in two floors and the top is open in two floors. The central part of the open browsing is slightly more. The garden floor can only see some garden platforms and panoramic views. Garden top The top of Carmel offers a bird's eye view of the entire garden and the German diaspora in the foothills. Outside the diaspora, there are Jewish and Arab urban buildings, looking far away, the port and coastline are clearly visible. In the middle of the overseas Chinese area, it was divided into two by Ben Gurion Avenue. Ben Gurion is the founding father of Israel, and Tel Aviv Airport is also named after him. In the 19th century, a group of German Knights Templar came to settle here, leaving these European architectures, but they did not expect to be a place for tourists. Tips: If you need to enter, women need clothing that goes through the knees.