Trip Moments

Margaret River,Recommendations
The Margaret River is a famous wine region in Western Australia. The climate here is particularly suitable for growing grapes, with vast plains and beautiful scenery. When I first came here, I was deeply attracted. I wanted to have a vineyard in here, and I had no time to take care of the vineyards and grow my favorite vegetables and fruits. In addition, because Western Australia is sparsely populated, it has a preferential investment and tax policy! There are many wineries in the Margaret River, and Sanyo Winery is one of the shooting locations for "Where is Dad 3". The owner of the winery is Chinese, and since then it has become more famous and has become one of the must-see destinations for the local Margaret River Chinese Day Tour. When we went to visit this time, the handsome guy of the winery was very enthusiastic to let us go to take pictures, and took out the most famous and noble wine in the winery to take pictures of us. It is worthwhile to go on, haha! Voyager Estate is the top wine estate of Margaret River. It has a huge area, there are not only large vineyards, but also vegetable gardens and rose gardens. The Australian dollar can taste 3 different types of selected wines. If you plan to buy the wine produced here, you can pay the price of the purchased wine directly, without paying the additional 9 Australian dollars for wine tasting. The staff here will be fluent Chinese staff, will be warm to ask what style of wine you like, and explain in detail the taste and characteristics of the various wines that he recommends to you, you can choose to buy after three kinds of taste.