San Marino,Recommendations
San Marino,Recommendations
Convent of San Marino
From the gates of San Marino, take the elevator to the second floor, and on the way to the city, you can meet the unique San Marino Cathedral. Although the size of the church is small, the appearance of the masonry structure is quite simple, but the interior is warm and romantic, with a lot of wonderful highlights. San Marino Cathedral has a very long history. As early as the fourteenth world, it has already begun to be established. Until 500 years later, the entire church has been completely completed. Such a long time is also a legendary history. The exterior of the building is made of white marble and looks very pure. The interior of the church is not very large, nor is it very gorgeous. It has many wonderful scenery and is particularly sacred. The biggest attraction here is the founder of San Marino, the remains of San Marino, who has devoted his life to this land and is deeply respected by future generations. The simple decoration inside is extraordinarily simple compared to other cathedrals. However, it is this unpretentious temperament, but it is very moving. There are many scriptures in the interior, and in front of a stone wall resembling a cave, the Madonna stands proudly. Above the wall threshold, some fine carvings are used to highlight people's religious devotion. Before the main hall of the hall, there are two rows of seats neatly arranged. Every time the day is dispersed, people will come from all over and pray for it. On weekdays, it is extraordinarily quiet, with almost no outsiders disturbing. Standing alone in this sacred cathedral, it seems that you can feel the most authentic and pure power from religion.
Adam Yue