Novodevichy Cemetery
When I entered it was not necessary to buy an admission ticket. The entrance to Novodevichy Cemetery was quite unremarkable, the quiet outdoor space featuring springtime was in full bloom. The quietude and the smell of flowers was quite a surprise. It was like opening up a Russian history book, since this palace of art contains 26,000 significant individuals from all levels who contributed deeply to the historical development of Russia, who now lie in eternal rest. They are the pride of Russia, and include politicians, authors, artists, scientists, famous physicians, merchants, and heroic sons and daughters. Each person, whether great or small, each has a statue that wordlessly explains their work and contributions, describing the most beautiful aspects of their lives to visitors. Even though I don’t read Russian, through this unique form of funerary art, I was able to broadly guess at the faded war glories of Tsarist Russia along with many bygone events of great oppression. The beauty, sadness, and quiet of the cemetery made me understand the phrase “Death is just as sacred as life,” since this place is not a symbol of the end of life but rather is spiritual home where the soul is purified, and a total transformation occurs. In using their art to morn an individual, the artists have marvelously added to life; you will praise tongue in cheek the Russian statue designers, who used artistic techniques according to the intentions of the deceased and combined that person’s identity, personality, and monument to make an original and ingenuous fusion. It can absolutely be said that this is one of the great 3 famous European cemeteries, along with the Central Cemetery of Vienna (Wiener Zentralfriedhof) and the Père Lachaise Cemetery of Paris.
Blue TulipBlue Tulip
Xperience Zone of Changi Airport
Find out why Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the best in the entire world. Transportation guide: Grab a taxi to and from the airport. It costs between SG$20-30 from the city center; but is more expensive during peak hours. From Tanah Merah station you can take the subway to the terminals 2 and 3. Once you get to either of those, the airport shuttle bus will get you wherever else you need to go. Travel visa services: In addition to Singapore tourist visas, transit passengers can apply for 96-hour transit visa. This way you can visit the Jewel Changi, the most famous part of the entire airport. Otherwise you have to content yourself with the view from afar as you take the shuttle bus between terminals for your transfer. Highlights: Changi Airport is divided into four terminals with free shuttle buses between them. As the largest transit airport in Southeast Asia, chances are good you will at least pass through Changi on your way to Europe or America. If you have a long layover, ask about the Free Singapore Tour, which will let you see a bit of the city. There are many VIP lounges, various famous brand stores, and local restaurants in the airport. Even if it takes a long time to transit, don’t worry about getting bored. Changi has cinemas, entertainment areas, and social spaces too. In addition to all kinds of shopping, shopping, and shopping, the most pleasantly surprising thing for me were the cactus gardens, sunflower gardens, orchid gardens, and butterfly gardens in several terminal buildings. Experience the beauty and mystery of tropical creatures up close. Tips: If you are visiting for the first time but don’t want to pass through immigration, you might as well take a shuttle bus around the terminal and at least enjoy the scenery from a distance. Be sure to visit the butterfly garden at T3, which is really charming.
SenLi PhotographerSenLi Photographer
Nungwi Beach
The "criminal" here can appreciate 360 degrees without a dead end, beautiful sea view, East Africa, small island recommended! Prison Island, also known as Changgu Island, is a holiday island attached to Zanzibar Island. It is located about 4 kilometers north of Stone Town and only takes 30-40 by boat. I can reach in minutes, here I enjoy the most beautiful sea view! The color of the sea water varies greatly with distance and light and shadow, rich and beautiful. Historical history is called prison island because the late 19th century, the British government plans to build a prison dedicated to imprisoning crimes in Zanzibar, prisons Although it was completed, it did not hold any criminals from beginning to end. On the contrary, when the yellow fever was raging, the built prison became a isolation place for yellow fever patients. Today, it has become a famous tourist resort, and many Europeans will bring their families to the resort during their holidays. Its so great that this small island was discovered by me! In addition to the source of the name, the charming seascape, the longevity elephant turtle on the prison island is also a major feature. 1919, the Governor of Seychelles gave the Governor of Zanzibar four elephants to Changgu Island. Since then, it has become a paradise for these giant elephant tortoises. The tortoise is the largest terrestrial turtle species and they are very long-lived. It is said that their average life span can reach more than 150 years old. Every one here is like an age mark on the back of the turtle. I found that the one with the longest life is already 190 years old! Feeding activities Elephant turtles are gentle and like plants, so you can experience the zero-distance feeding of turtles on the prison island. Honestly, although the turtles have long been heard, but after seeing them, I was shocked by their size some turtles even had a lap than adult males. They are like stones in the shade, standing still and waiting for our feeding. Come and experience a lot of tourists who are feeding turtles. If you still have children, then I think this is a great place to be close to nature!
Good things to share One key away from noise, enjoy the good times daily work and life, we are always surrounded by various noises, it is inevitable that many times bring us a lot of troubles, especially for For a person like me who is particularly vulnerable to the surrounding environment, I often habitually use many occasions even if I sleep. I like to have earplugs. When I am on a high-speed rail, on a plane, and other public places for a long time, there is no earplugs. Very crazy, who makes me a quiet person, haha. I didnt bring earplugs for this Singapore trip. Instead, I took OPPO Enco Q1, the first wireless noise canceling headphone from OPPO, to reduce the noise effect of this headset. my feeling. This headset has ANC dual active noise reduction, three immersive stereo sound modes, from Guangzhou to Singapore in more than three hours of flight, wearing this noise canceling headphones to listen to music, one When the key noise reduction is turned on, it is only surrounded by music, and the noise in the cabin is completely inaudible. Under the waterfall of Xingyao, the sound of the waterfall is not heard, and then there are some noisy environments such as the subway and Merlion Park. Do the same test, the noise reduction effect is more obvious, one-button noise reduction is on, you can immerse yourself in a comfortable and happy world. Not only the noise reduction function is excellent, the orange OPPO Enco Q1 wireless noise canceling earphone worn by Crab Brother has become my concave shape tool, the color is gorgeous, the design is simple, and the journey is beautiful. I added a lot of color, accidentally let myself become the softest soft texture of the most embarrassing piglet neck ring on the street, the whole earphone is only 42g, very light, no pressure, It fits with the skin and will not feel uncomfortable and tired from wearing it from morning till night. Battery life, the normal daily use frequency, not always open, I used 6 days, only the first charge, the battery life is also considered too long. The price is 599 yuan, it is really touching people, the price is really high, and the noise-reducing headphones that can find a good one within a thousand yuan probably I know it.
Dust mites, the most design-friendly homestay in Dongji Island, the irregular geometric appearance ensures that every room can see the sea, and the trails of the back mountain can directly reach the roundabout road, and there will be no time for the scene. B&B is located a 5-minute walk from the pier. The appearance is pure white, hidden in the old house of the fishing village, the yard is a good place to take pictures, the interior wall is designed with original stone, feel the rustic style of the fishing village stone house, low luxury home decoration design, the hall is equipped with leather sofa , coffee machine, from the living room to the restaurant and then to the room, there are books everywhere, you can take a quiet look at it, and the temperament of the East Island is very good. In-room hardware and software facilities, comfortable living experience, large floor-to-ceiling windows, smart large-screen TV, mini fridge with drinks, feather bed, toilet dry and wet separation, smart toilet, L'Occitane's care Supplies. Recommended roof terrace, you can see the entire Dongji town landscape, and the net red photo swimming pool, the whole East Island is unique, here is a good place to enjoy the sunset, three or five friends watching together Its not a good time to have a drink at sunset. The boss is very nice, will go to the dock to pick up and drop off, the house can order, the breakfast is rich, the game table and afternoon tea in the hall. Imperial Island Recommended, Houshan Huandao Road, Caibogong Statue, Lighthouse, Yuanshitan, have time to go to nearby Dongfushan Island.
Chernobyl Power Plant
Ukrainian squats into the "City of Death" Chernobyl 2016 when I went to Ukraine that I have always wanted to go, this is not a very popular destination, but super cost-effective, unique Natural scenery and so on are all worthy of people to go to. For me, the most precious and special thing about this trip is to see #[]#. Background: The explosion of Unit 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, human error caused a national disaster comparable to a world-class war, among every 5 Belarusians One area living in radiation-contaminated areas has a population of 2.1 million, of which 700,000 are children. The catastrophe released 50 million Curie radionuclides, which invisible and intangible radiation contaminated more than 18 million hectares of land, polluting 26% of Belarus woodland and the Pripyat River A large part of the wetlands around the Dnieper River and the Sozh River. . Before I went to get to know more about the history of this place, I read a lot of documentaries and read the "Sorrow of Chernobyl" written by Alexeievich. Most of the books are monologues. Forms of people in the memories of the explosion, the various stories happen here, sad and sad. . After more than 30 years, the real "ghost town" that really entered Pripyat was touched and shocked. It was very big under the snow, and the whole city was overgrown. Surrounded by, but the contours of the past are still clearly visible, stepping into it, the playgrounds, hospitals, football fields, schools, supermarkets and other places have not been the same, the time in the restricted area seems to be stagnant at that moment. The nuclear accident has changed everything here, and it has shattered an era. At that moment, you will feel that there is nothing better than living in a peaceful era. May you and me cherish the best times of the moment, healthy and happy life Tips: 1. Ukraine for landing sign 2. The peripheral area of Chernobyl is It is impossible for individuals to open to tourists. Ukraine has a local group, but if you want to enter the core building, don't think about it. 3. It is safe to leave the anti-shooting clothing in the peripheral area, but remember that it is impossible to touch any grass, animals, buildings, etc. 4. It is still very strict. It is specially used to detect whether there is a problem with the body through a detection device, and you can leave without any problem. The whole is still very safe, and there is no such exaggerated radiation that everyone is worried about.
Museum of Illusions
Dubai Fantasy Museum, M MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS, Dubai's newly opened pedestrian zone, Al Seef, is part of the international museum chain and debuted in Croatia in 2015 in Zagreb, the capital of Dubai. It is the largest in the world. We experience unique vision and senses through exhibits, and the museum encourages zero-distance contact with products, allowing visitors to take as many photos as possible to record and share their adventures. Its also fun to play with friends here, with 80 interactive exhibits, making a variety of very interesting photos. Several rooms are especially fun 1. The exhibition called Vortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that induces the brain to think that the ground beneath it is moving. (Figure 4) 2. There are countless you in the kaleidoscope. (Figure 4 below) 3. They can walk into another room and watch the world around them be reversed. (figure 5) 4. In the so-called Ames room, depending on the location of the visitors in the exhibition, visitors can zoom out or expand. (Fig. 7) Fantasy Museum is an optical illusion museum. The so-called visual illusion, when people observe objects, the wrong judgment and perception based on empiricism or improper reference means that the observer is objective. Under the influence of factors or under the control of their own psychological factors, the erroneous feeling of the graphics that is inconsistent with the objective facts is a kind of visual science. Here, science is no longer an unreachable "iceberg beauty". The sense of experience allows us to immerse ourselves in her charm, while also visually and tactilely, teasing our eyes and brains and opening a scientific adventure. Dubai Fantasy Museum MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS Dubai River's newly opened pedestrian zone Al Seef adults for 80 dirhams, children's ticket for 60 dirhams