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In the small town of Tainan, the first stop of the history of Chikan Building to Tainan, we went to Chikanlou. In the past, the Dutch built the "Puman's City" here. The Han people referred to it as "Red House", "Panza House" or "Red House". (1655 AD) was roughly completed. This is the initial red-inlaid building. At that time, the city tower, facing the mountains and the sea, and a few miles away from the hot blue city, facing each other, each other is the corner, the console Jiangnaihai. Red Inlay Building For more than 300 years, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Qing Dynasty, and even the changes in the Japanese occupation period, living is the epitome of a Taiwanese history, and the best witness to the historical changes in Tainan since the 17th century. And its architecture has changed from a Dutch-style castle to a silhouette of Chinese architecture. From the temples to the double buildings and standing together; there are filling the city base, but also standing on the forest; there are fans who open the entrance, but also the reality of the cave. After the recovery of Taiwan, the Red Inlay Building was used as the Tainan City Historical Museum. It is said that there are more than three in Tainan: there are many ancient buildings, many foods, and many temples. Chikan House is an ancient city with free explanations. The interpreter we met was not bad, not like the old-fashioned explanation. Chikan Building is small, but there are many historical stories. The architecture inside is also very particular. When you come to the ancient city, you will have a deeper understanding of the city. You can buy a ticket at the entrance of Chikanlou. You can also choose a ticket or a package. In addition to the Chikan Building, you can also include tickets for a total of six Tainan attractions, such as Anping Castle and Anping Tree House. For the price of three single tickets, if you want to go to three or more attractions, you can choose to buy a package. Keeping the ticket in the collection is also very good~ Address: at the intersection of Chikan Street and Minzu Road, Tainan City 8 per day
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Its another year when the spring in the south of the Yangtze River is warming up, whether it is a flower cluster, a small bridge running water or a pavilion, the ancient rhyme element of the flying rafter Jiangnan always has so many suitable for Hanfu. Chic small scene. The place recommended for everyone today is not far from tourists. That is the Donglin Academy in Wuxi City. 1 Makeup and hair accessories antique style creation, makeup should be as clean as possible, not too thick, make a good foundation, a little blush and eye shadow can show warm and fresh, Hair style may be a little troublesome, I can't quite get it. We were looking for a make-up teacher in the local area to send the hair 2 / an antique fan is a good hand-made props, Covering half of the face, meditation on the chin, etc., may make you look unpretentious, but the most important thing is the gesture. Regardless of the props or sleeves, remember to use orchids. 3How do photographers take pictures outdoor scenes suggest that telephoto can be used to make the effect of the peas swaying and catching up more naturally. If it is indoors, the focus is 50mm. If you get enough light on your face, it will make the beans look very transparent. 4 How to choose the scene In fact, the composition of many small scenes is enough, such as a plum tree, a pavilion, In front of a wall with an ancient hand-painted wall, or even a wooden lattice-shaped door, the simpler the picture and background, the more elegant and lingering the picture. Sujia Lane, No.867 Jiefang East Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City Tickets: 5 yuan/person
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Penang's small travel resort | Khoo Kongsi There are many old mansions in Penang that have been forced to transform, some have become museums, and some have been developed into boutique hotels. The Longshantang Qiu Company, which is hidden in the alleys of the old city, has continued to this day. The descendants of Qius family are now shining all over the world. Their university degree certificates and industry achievements are full of several houses. Surprisingly, this magnificent Chinese-style ancient building is rarely known to Malay locals, and many foreign photographers come to visit. Longshantang has an amazing architectural beauty, extremely symmetrical layout and exquisite carvings and clay crafts. It is a dream place for architectural fans. On the last Saturday of each month and the special festival Longshan Hall will light up. From 6:30 to 10:00 in the evening, admission is free. For other days, if you want to go in, you will be charged MYR 10. Longshantang Qiu Company is the most special one among the Malaysian Chinese surnames. The Qiu clan is one of the "five major surnames" of Fujian people in Penang. It is an important blessing force in the early society with Xie, Yang, Lin and Chen. In the nineteenth century, the five major surnames set up company settlements in Chulia Street on the winter street of Georgetown, and in the south to the community street. Each company is centered on the ancestral hall and surrounds the street house belonging to the company on three or four sides. This kind of close, close and defensive settlement of the same name is very rare in immigrant society.
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