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Yellowstone National Park
The water fluctuations of the large prisms - Yellowstone Scenery 3 (below) Stopped on the path of the "Great Prism". For a long time, this is the largest hot spring in the United States with a diameter of about 100 meters and a water temperature of 85 °C. And the world's third-largest hot spring, watching it flood the ground to 2 tons of huge water per minute; these hot springs flow and paved a steaming, misty fairyland, known as the "Earth The most beautiful surface". In the absolutely original region of "Great Prism", everyone who comes here will see different paintings at different times and at different angles, seeing all the magic and all kinds of impossible . Perhaps because of a minor earthquake yesterday; perhaps because of the impact of the groundwater level; perhaps because the geothermal heat of the basin is again sprayed a lot; where the water surface of the large prism occurs every day Change, every day shows magic. When I was on the trail when the morning mist had not yet dispersed, as the thin clouds covered the sun, the clouds opened the sunrise, until the blue sky and white clouds left, the steam, light and shadow, ripples of the large prism spring surface were intertwined. Together, there is an epic and fascinating ecological picture. Although the closer to the Grand Prism Hot Spring, the more you can't see the full picture of the standard, but the closer the distance, the water wave under the front of the foot is at your fingertips, it seems to be able to appreciate the heat around it, it seems to be able to hear It is gentle and mysterious. I chose this "immersive" with an unparalleled feeling.
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Al Ain Camel Market
Let me tell you about a secret spot I found while searching for ancient culture in an international concrete jungle. The camel market (image 1-5), located in Al Ain, is where merchants come to trade their camels. From sunrise to sunset, camel vendors gather in the market and wait for people to come and negotiate with them. Passing by the rows of camel sheds, we arrived in a small square downtown. Vendors in traditional Arabic dress walked around with their camels. As they bargained with one another, their lively voices created a spirited hubbub. We drew vendors' attention as we walked into the market. It was then that we noticed the lack of female camel traders. Vendors excitedly came and told us about their camels when we arrived. Al Jahili Fort - If you want to travel through time and talk to the ancients, Al Jahili Fort is definitely worth visiting. Al Jahili Fort was constructed in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The yellow castle blends in with the desert. It's hard to associate this humble-looking structure with the idea of a "royal and luxurious" palace, and it seems a world away from the modern metropolis of Dubai. Nevertheless, it is the largest royal summer palace in the UAE. About a century ago, this was the residence of the Arabic nobility. It is also the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE. Sharjah Heritage Area - Known as the capital of Arabic culture, Sharjah is home to many art museums, folk customs and archaeological findings. Here, you appreciate every detail of the Islamic world. For these reasons, it lives up to its reputation. Sharjah Heritage Area, also known as Heart of Sharjah, is home to several museums. It is one of the city's hidden gems. This ancient town is practically a museum of Arabic civilization. Although these buildings have been renovated, the original layout and pattern remain unchanged. When compared with well-developed modern cities, time seems to slow down here. It is like a healthy heart, beating rhythmically. Motor Traffic: 1. Dubai to Al Ain: The coach from the Al Ghubaiba station departs once per hour, and a one-way ticket costs 20 dirham. You'll get to Al Ain in two hours. Al Ghubaiba is a bus/coach station in Dubai providing easy transfers. As it is not far away from Dubai Creek, you'll get a great view of the river on your way back from Al Ain at night. 2. Al Ain to Dubai: You can catch the bus at the station opposite the Lulu Centre and get off in Al Ghubaiba. 3. Transport in Al Ain: Neither public transport nor Uber is convenient in Al Ain, so we traveled by taxi instead. Traveling from Al Jahili Fort to Ain Mall, Ain Mall to the camel market, or the camel market to the bus station will cost 20-30 dirham. Remember that the camel market is quite remote, so there are fewer taxis around here. However, there is a nearby superstore, so if you can't find a taxi, you can walk 15 minutes to the mall. Here, you'll find plenty of taxis by the main entrance. 4. Sharjah Heritage Area - Dubai to Sharjah: You can catch the bus at Al Ghubaiba and get off at Al Jubayl. The bus departs every ten minutes, and a one-way ticket costs 10 dirham. You'll get to your destination after half an hour. As Al Jubayl is a stone's throw away from the scenic area, you can walk there. You can also pay 5 dirham for a taxi on a hot day, of course. Returning from Sharjah to Dubai: You can hail a taxi at Al Jubayl station and get out at Al Ghubaiba.
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Fort Provintia
In the small town of Tainan, the first stop of the history of Chikan Building to Tainan, we went to Chikanlou. In the past, the Dutch built the "Puman's City" here. The Han people referred to it as "Red House", "Panza House" or "Red House". (1655 AD) was roughly completed. This is the initial red-inlaid building. At that time, the city tower, facing the mountains and the sea, and a few miles away from the hot blue city, facing each other, each other is the corner, the console Jiangnaihai. Red Inlay Building For more than 300 years, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Qing Dynasty, and even the changes in the Japanese occupation period, living is the epitome of a Taiwanese history, and the best witness to the historical changes in Tainan since the 17th century. And its architecture has changed from a Dutch-style castle to a silhouette of Chinese architecture. From the temples to the double buildings and standing together; there are filling the city base, but also standing on the forest; there are fans who open the entrance, but also the reality of the cave. After the recovery of Taiwan, the Red Inlay Building was used as the Tainan City Historical Museum. It is said that there are more than three in Tainan: there are many ancient buildings, many foods, and many temples. Chikan House is an ancient city with free explanations. The interpreter we met was not bad, not like the old-fashioned explanation. Chikan Building is small, but there are many historical stories. The architecture inside is also very particular. When you come to the ancient city, you will have a deeper understanding of the city. You can buy a ticket at the entrance of Chikanlou. You can also choose a ticket or a package. In addition to the Chikan Building, you can also include tickets for a total of six Tainan attractions, such as Anping Castle and Anping Tree House. For the price of three single tickets, if you want to go to three or more attractions, you can choose to buy a package. Keeping the ticket in the collection is also very good~ Address: at the intersection of Chikan Street and Minzu Road, Tainan City 8 per day