Phuket early in the morning is a small local partner Amway net red-coming beach: Nui Beach; also Feng taste to take you because it is a private beach so should be charged, in addition to very rough road to reach the beach so even though Nui Beach not great but also not overcrowded good fun shoot some of the highlights: Nui Beach swing background is blue sky with white sea swing frame is really too good; the Bird's nest is probably little sister's favorite. It's a shooting point a tree swing staff will help you push, the camera can also help you; because I am the only Berry and go, so the photo is a bit difficult for me to shoot da staff; on top when he heard the swing came non-stop screaming; I have always liked may be the swing and sat entirely without a sense of ha ha; (passers: amazing a woman) children's tree swing at the top of Berry is totally not afraid to get happy yelled a little higher (work brother: amazing a doll) totally not fun so we have to play it again not too many children so basically no one; the staff are happy little brother Let her play, and finally we stuffed some tips thank Rock Rock Nui Beach very rough gravel walking barefoot or have a certain degree of difficulty, and the spray is vast, but exciting rock at the corners, there are a lot of small fish in crab rock puddles; and Berry played a while in a relatively safe corner, facing the super spray sold for a photo United States; but Berry is a hand saw a giant puddle crab is the most interesting. Dry place experience sharing: Nui Beach tickets: adults 600B; children 300B (June 27 just to go yo) tickets include free water / beverages and snacks; there 50B an ice cream; next to a restaurant charges after the free toilets and changing rooms, facilities considered a very complete it (the road is no need to worry about finding, because the beach is so big points also go up only one) can purchase tickets at the Nui Beach bought tickets on hand will cover Chapter swing to play all pictures do not have to pay slightly longer to reach: by car so we drove to the entrance Nui Beach in Phuket (a little park next to Karon View Point Many cars can not miss it); sitting in a local shuttle bus down (adult round-trip toll 200B; after children 100B) arrives bought tickets you can play it enjoyable PS:
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