Roman Forum
Ancient Roman cities are full of historic monuments, but if you want to visit and explore the earliest forms of ancient Roman cities, you should visit Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. This was the downtown of ancient Roman times, with some of the oldest and most important buildings in Rome. Here is the oldest arch in Rome, the triumphal arch of Titus the Great, built by Domitian in 81 A.D. in memory of his brother Titus and his father Vespasian, who first quelled the revolt in Judea. Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina: This temple was built by Antoninus Pius in 41 A.D. and dedicated to his deceased, deified wife, Faustina. It is also the best-preserved temple. The Senate: The 3rd century Senate still has its original multi-colored mosaic floor, 300 senators sat on the steps of the Senate and is the Speaker's platform. Holy Road: The oldest road in Rome is paved with flat black basalt, winding through the ancient Roman markets through the Triumphal Gate of Titus to Capitoline Hill. The heroes of the Roman Republic marched here when they triumphantly returned, but gradually it declined and became a gathering place for pickpockets and vagrants. Maxentius and Constantine Great Hall: There are 3 large mosaic arch structures, allegedly the largest building in ancient Rome, built in about 315, this was the legal and financial center of the Roman Empire. Admission ticket Package included in the Colosseum Method of arrival Alight at Colosseo Station on Metro Line B
Trevi Fountain
There is no doubt that Rome is the first time that will make you fall in love with the city. He experienced things like the legendary four-year-old man, his calm humility, tolerance, fraternity, trying to converge the light. But once in contact, and have not the way to escape his attraction to prepare willing to sink before you set foot on this land! According to mythology, the Roman city built by the brothers Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. First of Rome the capital of the Roman Republic, and later the capital of the Roman Empire, and then later to the 4th century AD. Where it became the center of the whole Christian world, today on the streets of Rome also left a large number of ancient buildings: the Roman Forum, Augustine. All of which one of the most romantic ruins Adams' mausoleum, the tomb of Hadrian, the Pantheon, Trajan's column, Marcus Aurelius column and so is Trevi fountain - Fontana di Trevi, designer Nicola Salvi. Fountain in the center of Roman mythology Poseidon Ni Pule (ie, Greece Phrase Poseidon), at the foot astride two horses. Being pulled by two points fishtail personal bodyguard, left without a jieao tame, docile that easy-going on the right, is a symbol of peace and raging rivers. Trevi Fountain is the world's most significant amount of money to swallow a Trevi Fountain. Reportedly backs right hand holding a coin fountain located on one side of the heart through the left shoulder thrown back. Throw a coin into the Trevi fountain to return to Rome again, repeating the same action would have cast two Aventure, cast three. Wishing you love a dream come true, it has also become tourists will punch each project in Rome.
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Victoria and Albert Museum
Named the “world’s most fashionable museum”, the Victoria & Albert Museum is a fun, enjoyable, fashionable place to visit. You’d really want to take home every single piece of clothing on display. You’ll feel as if you’re in an actual clothing shop. Plus, the cafe inside the museum is what I’d highly recommend to you all. Once you set foot in it you wouldn’t want to leave. The extravagant and luxurious retro style makes you feel like you are part of Britain’s high society. In the rest area outside, you’ll see plenty of folks sunbathing. It’s really quite cold, but can you see a baby running around in just a diaper and bare feet? So jealous of kids who get to roam free. The V&A Museum has 4 famous collection areas. 1. The Oriental collection, showcasing art works from China, India, Japan, Korea and Islamic Kingdoms; 2. Western art collection. In this area you’ll find a huge Trajan column dating from the Roman times. Along the column you will find relics depicting Trajan winning the war against Daria. The relic is extremely well-defined and authentic. 3. Ancient musical instruments collection, with Western instruments from various periods. 4. Fashion and design collection. Here you will find more about the development of fashion designs and famous pieces from contemporary fashion. Like most museums in the UK, getting into the permanent exhibitions at the V&A is entirely free of charge. However, you will find a donation box at the front entrance. Visitors can donate as they’d wish. Entering themed exhibitions and galleries will require extra admission fees. However, it’s totally worth the price! The exhibition is divided into 2 stories. There are fewer items on the lower floor but you can visit for free.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Blue Moon Valley
Lijiang Ancient City
venice Italy
7 HOT SPOTS IN ITALY Italy is a country with many of the world´s most famous historical sites, delicious pizza and pasta. Lago di Braises, also known as The Pragser Wildsee, is a breathtaking mountain lake in the heart of Dolomites in South Tyrol. When you are here, rent a wooden row-boat for 25 EUR/ hour (15 EUR 30 min) and cruise around this emerald-colored waters. Venice - the city on the water The world well-known city, where are no cars and all the transport is by boat through canals. You can see Venice in one day trip but if you have more time, you can easily spend here 3 days!:) Don´t miss Ponte di Rialto, the oldest bridge over the grand canal in Venice and square at Sotoportego de l’Erbaria. Hot springs - Natural FREE spa One of Italy´s highlights and a MUST visit in Italy is the Natural thermal baths in Tuscany. Imagine silky blue water heated by the nearby volcano with a temperature of 37,5 degrees. Add a breathtaking landscape typical for the Tuscany area and you get "Cascate del Mulino". Tuscany - Sunset viewpoint Tuscany is our favorite part of Italy. Rent a car a drive up and down picturesque hills, vineyards and sunflower fields. Even though Tuscany is a very touristically popular area, it feels empty. Rome - Italy MUST visit City One of the world´s most famous historical sites, delicious pizza, and the famous gelato. Explore Rome with a cup of Italian espresso, feel the Italian chilled vibes, sense for fashion surrounded by incredible architecture. Verona Verona is called The City of Love because that´s where Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet story is sett into. It´s a beautiful little Italian city. Leaning Tower of Pisa The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bell tower in the Italian city of Pisa. It got famous thanks to nearly four-degree lean, which is the result of an unstable foundation. #italy #europe #awesomepic #couplestrip #historicallandmarks #unforgettableexperiences #scenicspotguide #worldheritage #travelinspiration #romance #instagramworthydestinations #awesomepic
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