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It hosts the Bangkok Riverside Pier Night Market with the super good food selection and romantic Ferris wheel! In fact, the markets in Bangkok are all similar. Although it is not about buying high-end goods, the shopping mall has a very comprehensive selection. From daily necessities to local souvenirs, there are a variety of cafe snacks, massage parlors, and more. If you like shopping, it's a worthwhile trip. You can wander around here and find many shops that you like. This kind of beverage shop in Thailand sells fresh squeezed juice that is super good value and cheap. All real flesh squeezed juices, as well as some special freshly blended drinks. There are a lot of local restaurants in the night market. If you don't know which one to choose and you are not too hungry, just choose the ones with more people. Wait a little bit and you will have a seat. However, the dishes are almost all the same, nothing more beyond curry, Tom Yum soup, coconut drink, fried rice fried rice noodles, fried spinach etc. The flavor is still quite authentic. To talk about how the riverside pier night market, the most different is the property of the self-driven Ferris wheel. Young couples can take a ride, watching the lively night market can also create a romantic atmosphere. Truly, the essence of Thai food is in the street stall!!! A wide variety of great food, many not available in the restaurant. Fruit smoothies, fruit ice, fried squid fried seafood, grilled quail eggs, etc. If we hadn’t already eaten dinner, we really would have more room left in our stomachs to eat these great foods!
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Statue of Liberty
What represents New York and the United States? I think it has to be the Statue of Liberty! It makes everyone believe that the United States is a land of the free and where we believe in and yearn for liberty. It’s like the beginning of the movie “The Legend of 1900”; when you see the Statue of Liberty, you are seeing New York. When you see her, you see America. She also has the name of the “Goddess of Liberty, shining upon the earth”. She is a national monument in the United States, a symbol of America. Perched atop Liberty Island at the mouth of Hudson River, she wears a crown of lights, raises a torch of freedom high in the air and holds the Declaration of Independence in her hand. Usually, one takes a ferry from Battery Park in Manhattan to get to the Statue of Liberty. It’s the most common method. There are 2 types of tickets, standard admission and package admission. (Standard admission includes arrival to Liberty Island, Ellis Island, the bottom of the statue and the audio guide. The package admission includes an extra ticket to reach the crown of the statue). This is a very popular spot. From buying the ticket to lining up to board the ferry, it took 1 hour. If you want to avoid the peak hours, getting there really early or really late is a good choice. However, because the distance is relatively close, it’s already lower Manhattan. Once the ferry pulls from the dock, you can look out and see Lower Manhattan of New York City! Manhattan has the highest concentration of population in New York’s 5 administrative regions. It is also the smallest of the 5. It is described as the entire country’s economic and cultural center. It is the central business district of downtown New York, an area with the most concentrated number of high-rise buildings. I guess I don’t need to say more once you see the images below.
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