Luzhniki Stadium
It is worth mentioning that the World Cup opening match of the ball, for the first time from space. May 31, a Russian cosmonaut and flight engineer were playing football at the international space station. They play football then be shipped back to Earth, and is used as the World Cup opener with the ball. The idea can be considered at the previous World Cup first. Moscow time on June 14, I witnessed this historic moment in the Luzhniki Stadium. In addition to the shock felt bring a football, the atmosphere is the most I'm addicted. British singer Robbie Williams a household name with the Russian soprano sang Aida portrait of an exciting World Cup theme song. There is a small episode, put up a middle finger in the face of close-up shots of Robbie Williams as the British. In the delicate relationship between Britain and Russia today, such a move is significant. The opening ceremony of the first to enter the field of Casillas holding the trophy. The functional goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Spain's legendary former player and captain, who led the team won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 开幕式首先由卡西利亚斯手捧大力神杯进入现场。卡西利亚斯司职门将,是西班牙前传奇球员兼队长,曾率领球队赢得2010年南非世界杯的冠军。 英国家喻户晓的歌手罗比·威廉姆斯与俄罗斯女高音歌唱家阿依达·嘉丽弗莉娜倾情演唱了激动人心的世界杯主题曲。其中有一个小插曲,身为英国人的罗比·威廉姆斯面对镜头特写时竖起了中指,在英国与俄罗斯关系微妙的今天,如此举动显得十分意味深长。 值得一提的是,本届世界杯揭幕战的用球,将首次来自太空。5月31日,俄罗斯一名宇航员和飞航工程师在国际空间站内踢足球,他们所踢的足球随即被运回地球,并被用作世界杯揭幕战用球,这个创意在历届世界杯上也算是首次。
Asiatique Sky
Located on Charoen Krung Road in Bangkok, it has the longest straight riverside road in Thailand. You can take a boat in Span Taksin in the evening. Every day starting at 17:00, there is a free boat to send guests to the night market; the last boat is at 11 o'clock, the return trip is the same, 16:00 - 23:00, one every half hour. Unlike other night markets, its theme is closer to the nostalgic historical restoration theme, with one shop located in a rustic old warehouse. Bangkok's largest night market to date, offering everything from dining to entertainment to shopping, with a lot of popular shops, starting at 5 o'clock every night. You can also take a giant Ferris wheel to see the night view of Bangkok. You can relive the romance of childhood. It was previously a warehouse built by Denmark’s East Asiatic Company during the reign of Rama V (1907-1947), with 1,500 shops and more than 40 restaurants and beer bars. It is divided into 4 districts:Factory District, Charoenkrung District, Town Square District,and Waterfront District. Here you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, drink beer, watch Thai traditional performances or just walk along the river. 其前身是 丹麦 The East Asiatic公司于拉玛五世(1907-1947)时期修建的仓库,有1500多家商铺和40多家餐厅及啤酒吧。共分四个区:Factory District、Charoenkrung District、Town Square District,Waterfront District。您可以在这里购买手工艺品、纪念品,喝啤酒,观看 泰国 传统剧目表演或者只是沿着河滨散步。 位于 曼谷 charoen Krung路的它拥有整个 泰国 最长的河边直路。可以在傍晚时分在Span Taksin坐船,每天下午5时起每半小时一班船免费送人客去夜市;尾班船为11时,回程也是,下午4点-11,每半小时一班。与一般夜市不同,它的主题较为接近怀旧仿古主题,一间间店铺坐落在仿古旧货仓裡。
The weekend to ride vintage motorcycles. It sounds like a very literary high force grid activities. Then one day in advance online booking retro bicycle riding. The weekend arrived early collection sites, to see our ride leader, known as the two most Wanzhu across London will play - a 60-year-old and a 50-year-old uncle. It looked like the uncle maybe, wearing a shirt sweater three-piece suit, wearing a thick British style painter cap, beard neatly built, an old gentleman range of children. However, I was a bit worried that the two of them old legs and old arms had not affected the day's itinerary. The following step onto the old gentlemen takes the retro bicycle only to find I was wrong. Both uncles to kicking up I reckon to catch up, they fit very understanding, a team leader at the front. The other ending in the back, just like people across the river to catch the pig did. Grandpa saw in front of the vehicle will be stopped to let us through, each through an old house or an attraction when they will cease to explain to us, speaking fluent English pronunciation patiently, listening is comfortable on the road. 跟着老绅士们跨上拿复古单车,才发现我错了,俩大爷要真蹬起来估摸着我都追不上,他们配合的十分默契,一个在前面领队,另外一个在后面收尾,就像人家赶小猪过河那样。前面的大爷看到马路上有车辆就会拦下来让我们通过,每经过一座老房子或是一个景点的时候他们都会停下来给我们耐心讲解,英式发音字正腔圆的,听着就是舒服。
Ikseon-dong Hanok Village
Which may be the most popular this the summer, the Korean house with a lot of water features and glass structure, giving a sense of refreshing benefits of good standing in the alley of the cave entrance, although Bukchon Hanok Village and correct and that beautiful hanok group compared to the modest, can even be seen grinding humble time roof with an intricate high-voltage wire entwined appear a little shabby, but I especially like the benefits of suitable holes, because here the history and modern combine particularly well. Yi Shan-dong is, in addition, gwangjang market, which I also highly recommend coming to Seoul punch, some young artists and young entrepreneurs are that old hanok selected as the result, we began operating from a variety of full of personality and characteristics of the coffee shops, restaurants, small shops and other handmade goods made to make this forgotten history of the area turned into a sophisticated art space, therefore, very high in popularity among young Koreans, highly recommended to everyone here stroll. Into this area, it is Raiders do not need, to relax and to enjoy a wide variety of those beautiful cafes. 站在益善洞胡同的入口,虽然与北村韩屋村那又端正又秀丽的韩屋群相比并不起眼,甚至还可以看到被时间打磨的不起眼的屋顶与复杂的高压电线纠缠在一起显得略微破旧,但我还是特别喜欢益善洞,因为这里把历史和现代结合得特别好。 走进这片区域,就完全不需要攻略,只管放松心情,去享受那些各式各样漂亮的咖啡馆 其中人气最旺的可能算是这家“the summer”,在韩屋内采用了大量的玻璃结构和水景,给人耳目一新之感
JOJO’s wonderful trip
Dali University
Dali's small attractions recommended Yunnan has always enjoyed people's favor, among them, Dali with a long history and wonderful scenery, is also favored by men, women and children. There is no need to wait for public holidays, even in the usual ancient city is also a hot and busy city. The Cangshan Bohai Sea is picturesque, and the Chongsheng Temple is also wonderful, but it is always inevitable that the experience of traffic jams and queues is very poor. How to avoid a crowd of people and find a niche? Let's go to Dali University at the foot of Cangshan to revisit the campus life that was once young. There is a fresh and tranquil atmosphere like a paradise. School Profile Dali University was founded in 1978 as Dali Medical College and Dali Normal College. In 2001, it completed the merger of the four schools and officially changed its name. The school has two campuses, the ancient city and the lower gate. The place to be said here is the ancient city campus, which is backed by Cangshan, facing the Bohai Sea, with green trees and books. The campus scene Golden Week of Dali Old Town, even in the early morning is a market scene. At Dali University, which is 3 kilometers away, the students have already returned to their parents on vacation. The campus is quiet, and people are a bit uncomfortable. Once you enter the gate, the silver-ringed iconic building immediately caught your eye. Panting up to dozens of steps to the main building, in front of the blue sea, panoramic view, like a blue ribbon is graceful. At this moment, the ancient city of Dali is in front of our left, and the campus built on the mountain has raised the tiptoe, giving us a glimpse of the small mountains. Autumn has passed halfway, the air is filled with a cool atmosphere, also indicates that the golden yellow has been covered with hillsides. Walk in the wide and quiet campus, the golden ginkgo trees on both sides of the street, the soft afternoon sun shines through the gaps of the leaves, sprinkle on you and me, warm and melt to dispel the haze of autumn, romantic leaves are the dance of the campus Intoxicating scenery, intoxicated eyes. Pick up a handful of falling yellow leaves in the wind, let them bloom in front of them. There is no extra voice, no noise under the mountain, and the beauty at the moment belongs to you and me. , winter and spring with cherry. The cherry blossoms here are also very famous, and Dali is a great place to open cherry blossoms twice a year! The two seasons of cherry blossoms bloom in winter and spring, the winter cherry blossoms are from November to January, and the spring cherry blossoms are from February to March. In other words, you can enjoy romantic cherry blossoms in almost 5 months of the year! The Yunnan cherry blossoms here are slightly different from the Japanese cherry blossoms, the colors are more beautiful, and the petals are dark pink. The feeling of being fresh and graceful is more than that. In fact, the entire Dali University is like a garden in the mountains. No matter what season, it is always a scene full of flowers and flowers. If you don't pay attention, you will get lost in the flowers. If one day you are tired of the harassment of the world, you may wish to come to Dali University and accompany the flowers under the Lang Lang book. TIPS Location: How to arrive at No. 2 Hongsheng Road, Dali Town, Dali City/Hh/ How to get there: Take the West Gate of the ancient city, take the C2 road to Dali College Station Opening hours: all day Tickets: Free
Langmu Temple Resort
Langmu Temple | Gannan must pass the pilgrimage site Some people say "Do not come to Langmu Temple, equal to not to Gannan", which shows the importance of this Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Gannan. Langmu Temple is generally planned to travel in Gannan or North Sichuan. It is close to the Gannan Labrang Monastery to the north and the Zoige Grassland to the south. [Recommended travel itinerary] arrive at Langmu Temple at noon on the first day. In the afternoon, visit the Gedi Temple in Sichuan, then walk to the Bailongjiang Gorge and stay in the town at night. The next morning, I went to the Gandan Sai Chi Temple in Gansu. After that, you can take the Noons shuttle bus to leave Langmu Temple and go to other attractions in Gannan. [What can I experience here? 1 Langmu Temple Riding Langmu Temple There is a horse-riding tour nearby. The horse team has a consultation shop in the town. The price ranges from 150-400 yuan. The horse-riding destination includes the source of Bailongjiang and Hongshi. Cliffs, flowers and other places. 2 Langmu Temple celestial burial is biased toward Gansu in Langmu Temple. There is a celestial burial platform on the back hill of Saiji Temple. The celestial burial in this area is more open and can be viewed by tourists. If you have the consent of your family, you can take pictures. 3 Turning the mountains and turning the water to the stupa Tibetan people's devout faith is the snow lotus in the sky, full of pure to pure. They are kind and simple, and they only turn for the faith. An ancient turn of the road outside Xiahe Labrang Monastery is a lap I have to go to the Labrang Monastery every time. This is also one of my favorite temples.
Mikoyan Museum/Mikoyan Tangaran
Suzhou River Landscape Galley
Shanghai | Summer niche summer shooting location | Futuristic magic city architecture hot summer street shooting became a problem in order to escape the summer Puxi found a treasure land Haven't been screened by everyone before Come and snatch this handsome street beat Living in the French Concession area of Changning In fact, it will rarely play in Hongqiao direction accidentally Accompanied by friends to test drive passed this Feng Shui treasure land Suzhou River landscape walkway Shanghai will change the Suzhou River as a whole green river according to the local design of the runway, Corridors, rain shelters even railings are designed to be dreamy silver wavy not to lose foreign architecture design beautiful atmosphere and practical convenient life entertainment along the river/ Hh/ This small tower is located at the end of the trail far away is full of future technology sense light and shadow through the window of the tower when coming in will form a special light shadow effect / Hh / small tower a total of four floors each floor of the circle can see different views lush, building stacks, residential buildings, blue sky can become the landscape of your lens Address: Changning Road / Shuicheng Road (junction) Shuicheng Road intersection down the bridge to the right straight opening time: April-September 6: -22 pm 10-March 7:00-21 pm Basically, summer time, winter time Trip fans can see clearly, oh run Lens: 12nd floor promenade 23rd floor cityscape, promenade, woods 34th floor corridor back 41 floor aisle circle After the filming from the red face Puxi's intimate reminder: 1-about 10 in the morning to go to people less, and cool 2- remember to apply sunscreen, umbrella 3- Here is completely free oh 4-wear shorts, remember to prevent mosquito water 5-lover party dating can also take a photo 6 - finally have any questions can be private messages or messages
Plaza Vieja
Recommended in Havana, Cuba, walking in a city covered in color! Havana, the capital of Cuba, is also an important location for Speed & Passion 8. In the beginning of the film, Dominique ran the most important landmarks of Havana in a classic car. By the way, Letty spends a honeymoon on the romantic Caribbean coast. There is no reason for the film to choose to view in Havana. It is important to know that the entire old city of Havana has been awarded the World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations. The old and bright streets are full of Central American Caribbean. [Recommended for punching cards] 1Old Square All sides are squares surrounded by small buildings. In fact, they are found in many cities in Eastern Europe. Only the color of this square is more dilapidated. But Havana's old square, the architectural style is more diverse, in addition to the Baroque architecture, you can also find a sense of Gaud Art Nouveau. 2Obispo Bishop Street, Mercaderes Market Street, Villegas. There are a lot of interesting and design shops that will appear on these two streets. 3Take a classic car In Havana, taking a classic car ride is one of the most necessary experiences. Although the vendors are very black, they must make a bargain. Walking on the streets of Old Havana, there is a feeling of being staggered in the streets of the United States in the 1950s. Because Cubans rely on the classic car 'pull passengers' as an additional source of income, they will spray the colors of these classic cars very bright and bright, red, pink, blue, orange, green, and even gold and silver. Because of this, the classic car has become one of the most unique scenery in Havana, and it is also one of the main reasons for attracting many tourists. 4 Revolution Square Beijing's Tiananmen Square, Havana's Revolution Square, both squares can be included in the world's largest square. Its just that compared to the endless Tiananmen Square, the Revolution Square is no longer empty. Havanas Revolution Square was formerly known as the Citizen Square or Peoples Square. After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, it was changed to the current name. From 1920 to 1959, the Revolution Square was also part of the new Havana city that was developed. 5's former residence This manor on the outskirts of Havana is Hemingway's former residence in Havana, where he lived for 20 years, and the great works such as The Old Man and the Sea are made here. . The former residence is now a museum, still maintaining the old style and display, including Hemingway hunting specimens and fishing boats going out to sea. In this beautiful homeland like a garden, you can see the fragments of the great life of the great writer.
Damao Mountain
Speaking of the fairy-tale town of color, everyone will think of the colorful islands of Venice, the Cinque Terre in Italy, and the Guanajuato in Mexico... The other end of the globe, you have to go to the distance to go. Is there a place, like a fairy tale town, dressed in color, which can make us both mindful and lightly loaded? I think the answer is here: Jiangxi Dexing Da Maoshan. There is a nice name here, called Rainbow Fairy Village. With the fairy tales we grew up, we were forgotten in the years that followed, and when the memories were awakened, the stories of warmth and love were alive. The fairy tale world surrounded by mountains is painted pink, yellow, purple and blue. Multicolored colors, like the ones that dance, are dotted with green hills. Being in it, like eating a fruit candy, is sweet and dreamy. Located in Rainbow Fairy Village in De Maoshan, Dexing, Jiangxi, it has convenient transportation. Whether it is self-driving or short-distance, you can avoid the troubles of wading in the mountains and rivers. You only need to be inside and feel the brightness of the moment. There are girls' macarons painting walls, healing food murals, innocent farm murals, 3D background walls that are most suitable for photography, life needs color embellishment, and thus more colorful, In addition to walking and taking pictures in the Rainbow Fairy Village. Da Maoshan has these fun things waiting for you! Scenic address: Dexing City, Jiangxi Province Self-driving tour: Nanchang City Departure: Nanchang-Dechang Expressway-Dexing High-speed Exit-G237 National Road -Dal Maoshan (Shuangxi) Visitor Center Shangrao City Departure: Shangrao City-Shanghai-Kunming Expressway-Deshang Expressway-Bim Expressway Exit-G237 National Road-Linjiang Lake-Zhengfang-Huatan Mountain-Dal Maoshan (Shuangxi) Visitor Center or Shangrao City-Shanghai-Kunming Expressway-Deshang Expressway-Dal Maoshan Expressway Exit-S204 Provincial Road-Damaoshan (Gaogang) Visitor Center Shanghai, Zhejiang Directions: Shanghai and Zhejiang - Shanghai-Kunming Expressway - Deshang Expressway - Da Maoshan Expressway Exit - S204 Provincial Road - Da Maoshan (Gaogang) Visitor Center high-speed rail traffic: from Hunan Departing tourists can take the high-speed train from Changsha South, get off at Dexing Station, transfer to the Da Maoshan (Gaogang) Visitor Center by passenger car or taxi.
In July, Qingtang Village, surrounded by green trees, lotus flowers, walking on the avenue of more than one meter wide, gently blowing the betel nut, the yellow breeze of the breeze slowly blowing, makes people feel relaxed and happy. Qingtang Village is the first parent-child theme village in Hainan. The beautiful coconut groves, the clear river water, the green rice fields, and the wonderful parent-child development area can give each child living in reinforced concrete a grounded childhood. Being into Qingtang Village, it is like being in a world full of children's interest, walking into the rainbow gate of the time channel, as if returning to childhood, and you can also eat authentic farmhouse food here. After a meal, start to go inside the village. There are different styles of houses and coffee bars, children's playgrounds, coconut groves and fields. Every scene is like a rogue children's cartoon. Experience pottery, horseback riding, and play with the cute little animals of the country. The activities here are rich and colorful, and it is like returning to the carefree childhood of childhood. There are classmates on the grass, as well as children's directional treasure hunt, jungle crossing, inspirational pottery, live CS, children's kart, balance rope and so on. It is said that in just one year, Qingtang Village has changed from a previously unknown village to a famous parent-child paradise in Sanya. Walk in the quiet and peaceful Qingtang Village, feel the tranquility and beauty of the countryside, and embrace the nature, let people forget the rush of the city. Qingtang Village also has a special rainbow painting garden. Each classroom is very loving. The children can imagine and explore their ideal world. This is another way to open up Sanya. After we are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, don't forget that there is such a village that will allow you to return to your childhood.
Hokuei Conan Station
"The truth is only one" ~ Come to the Conan town of Conan in Japan If you talk about the anime you started chasing from elementary school, until now you are married and have children, he is still a primary school student! That's right, everyone knows that this super-primary school student Conan, who has never been a big man, is finally lucky enough to come to his hometown Tottori! Well, it is actually the author of Conan - the hometown of Aoyama Gangchang, located in Tottori Prefecture! Sitting on the Conan-themed JR came to Yuliang, the entire train station has been surrounded by Conan! The whole good is not big, but it has been built into a small town in Conan. There are statues of Conan's various characters and engraving cards on the cover of each comic book. Even the cover is Conan! The town has a new home - Rice Flower Shop Street! Remember to press the doorbell! Speaking of the Mihua Shopping Street, friends who love Conan can't go out empty-handed. I am afraid that the salary for a few months must be accounted for here! After all, all kinds of surrounding people are dazzling, and Conan theme dining is full of people! The final destination of the town of Conan is the Qingshan Gangchang Memorial Hall. Dr. Ayi at the door opens his small yellow car to stand at the entrance. The memorial displays various works of Qingshan Gangchang from small to large, as well as Conan comics. Manuscripts, as well as a variety of Conan-related games for everyone to participate in! Traffic information: From JR Tottori City to JR, you will get a Chinese map in the case of the station, and then follow the map to walk around the town of Conan! Ticket Tip: Tickets for the Aoyama Gangchang Memorial Hall are 700 yen, and you can enjoy 100 yen for JR PASS on Okayama Sanin! Other Tips: You can buy an impression book for 300 yen in the case of Yoshika Station, and you can stamp it all the way!
ANA Maintenance Facility Tour
Chiang Mai,Recommendations
Elephant Protection Camp | Chatting with elephants in Chiang Mai elephant protection camp is another choice for you to contact elephants in Chiang Mai, where you can really and this Groups of lovely elephants are in contact, feeding them, playing with them, taking a bath together in the river, walking together in the jungle, and truly feeling the harmony between man and nature and animals. The elephant symbolizes the power of the king in Thailand and is considered to be the most spiritual animal on land. The most amazing thing is that the hippocampus that controls the emotion of the elephant accounts for 50% of the brain than the human. They have more delicate emotions than humans, so in any case, to the country of Vientiane, elephants are one of the travel plans you must not miss. In Chiang Mai, there are dozens of elephant camps, large and small, some of which are elephant conservation camps. This kind of protection camp is different from the general elephant camp. It is mostly public welfare. It aims to protect elephants and the income is used for the conservation of elephants. Here, there is no elephant show, no saddle ride, here, you are like a friend, get along with elephants, learn elephant language, communicate with them, feed them and help them bathe. [Meikang Elephant Protection Camp] 1 The Meikang Elephant Camp is located at the foot of the highest peak in Thailand, in the foothills of Intetsu, and is a newly opened elephant conservation center in Chiang Mai. Fame is not the first few elephant camps, but it is also a small and beautiful elephant protection camp. 2 Elephant Camp is a good place for you to get along with elephants. At Meikang, you can learn how to take care of elephants, play mud baths with them, take them to the river to take a bath, and the river in the park is the elephant's favorite summer resort. 3 It is more affordable than other homes in terms of price, very cost-effective, and provides Chinese services. The camp owner hopes to allow more people to try this way of direct contact with the elephant. [Featured Projects] 1 There is Chinese service in the park. No longer afraid of English is bad, communication can't be done. 2 Cost-effective, the price is more affordable than other homes. 3 Provide free photographers and photos to help you record the good times with the elephants. 4 There are half-day and one-day itineraries, both of which include: introduction to elephant life habits and related knowledge, feeding elephant bananas and bamboo and other foods, walking with elephants, bringing mud baths and spas to elephants . The difference is that the 1-day trip can also be used for elephant planting and related feeds. You can make arrangements according to your time and budget.
Puerto Princesa
Philippine niche island recommendation Palawan full Raiders ~ Palawan where? This is the question most asked by friends around me before I heard this destination from my mouth. Everyone mentioned the Philippines, always thinking of the overcrowded Boracay, but Palawan did indeed go to the most clean and chic island. Palawan's commercial development is low, traffic inconvenient roads are in poor condition, and some living facilities are far less convenient than Long Beach, so it is impossible to attract so many tourists. However, imagine a picture like this: blue sky and white clouds that are within reach, glittering jelly waves in the sun, no one, only the comet will accompany your private beach, and will smile friendly to strangers. The local people, the local children who play and play in the sun, the phoenix flower that blooms freely on the side of the road, these are not the epitome of paradise, which is happening every time at Palawan. Scenes. If you just want to be quiet and have a vacation, will you know more about your determination to go further? [Playing in Palawan]: Starting point: Princess Harbor Sights Recommended: Hongdawan, Blue Cathedral, Underground River Park Play Recommended: Hongdawan Island One-day tour Second stop: El Nido Attraction recommendation: El Nido Marine Reserve, Secret Leaking Lake, Big and Small Lake, Starfish Beach, Helicopter Island, Snake Island Recommended by: A line Miniloc Island size lagoon + secret lagoon + clear water island + seven warriors beach B line South line cave and beach snake island + Cudugnon Cave + Pangulasian Island + Cathedral Cave+Pinagbuyutan Island C Line Matinloc Shrine Martin Locke Island + Secret Beach + Helicopter Island + Starfish Beach Cologne Attractions Recommended: Kaiyangen Lake, Barla Lake Kuda, Gemini Lagoon, Barnes Beach, Hachiko Island, Banana Island play recommended: A line Coron Island Loop +Kayangen Lake+Gemini Lagoon+Barracuda Lake B Line Banana/Malcapuya Island Banana Island+Macabuya Island+Broger Beach C Line Coral Garden Coral Garden+L Usong shipwreck + Pass Island
Siem Reap,Recommendations
Beng Mealea
The ruins of the millennium - the collapse of the column, the mysterious beauty in the ruins! is the most remote relic of the Angkor monuments in Cambodia. In the collapsed columns, the ancient trees and the collapsed temples are almost integrated into one another. They are in the jungle, and the broken walls are like being in a lost mysterious country. It is said that Hayao Miyazakis famous cartoon "The City of the Sky" The prototype is here. Walking, it seems to have opened an adventure. The intricate roots of the tree are climbing on the broken wall. Moving on, we came to the northeast of the collapsed column, where there is a Tibetan Buddhist scripture wrapped in roots. The roots of the tangled roots grow in the cracks of the stone and cling to the stone walls. There are occasional beautiful threshold reliefs between the broken walls. There is really a beauty that shocks the mind. In the collapse of the column, the traces of time are so obvious, the masonry is dumped, the trees are surrounded, there is no such thing as tragic and strong, and there is no such thing as regret. Breakout is quite a niche, because people from less distance will come here, so there is more background to shoot big movies! [What to shoot]: Place the messy boulder, the roots of the tangled roots, the moist moss... These are the best background elements! Render an original and mysterious atmosphere. [How to shoot]: Breakouts are all over the rocks. In order to avoid the messy feeling, you need to choose the angle of shooting. If it is a portrait, you can give up the direct confrontation with the lens, look up and look at the distance, create a atmosphere full of "curious", let yourself better integrate into the big environment.
Dubai Emirate,Recommendations
Half of the sea, half of the desert Dubai Seaplane VS Desert Safari When it comes to Dubai, people will think of oil, gold, it is one of the richest regions in the world. In just 30 years, it has become a global trade and tourism metropolis from a desert town. Today, Dubai's many iconic tourism products showcase the luxury of this place. The towering skyscrapers, the rugged coastline, and the vast desert scenery make the glittering Dubai a preferred destination. So what is the most important thing to miss in Dubai? 1Seaplane Dubai is a city with many charms. Staying in it, you can feel the luxury of Dubai; away from it, overlooking Dubai from the air, you will find the other side of her stunning. If you like adventure, Dubai's aerial project is definitely not to be missed! Dubai is one of the most beautiful parachute resorts in the world. If you don't want to skydiving, experience the seaplane. Looking down at the height of 4,000 meters, overlooking the panoramic view of Dubai, it is really unbelievable! 2 Departing from the most modern neighbourhood in downtown Dubai, you can reach the magnificent scenery of the Arabian Desert in less than 20 minutes by car. This is the original tourist attraction in Dubai. Come to a Dubai-style desert tour and experience the fun of off-road, beach buggy and sand boarding. Going to the desert to sand in Dubai is the best way to experience Arabian-style tourism. Usually arranged before the sunset, take the modified off-road vehicle, away from the bustling city, gallop in the desert. Off-road vehicles have a feeling of riding a roller coaster as the terrain rises and falls. Some people even have a feeling of motion sickness in their bodies.
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Bintan Island
The hidden wonderland of 1° north latitude is in Indonesia! It is also the hidden garden of Singapore's back garden ~ north latitude 1 °, the sky is blue, the sea is clear, the sun is shining, the whole year is warm, the sea is wide and thin, the pure original ecology, the natural environment is good, the folk style is simple, this It is Bintan Island, a mysterious island that is little known but beautiful. Come to Bintan Island and enjoy the experience of Bihaixingsha, the original ecological environment, no noisy crowds and industrial pollution of the sea, various international level resort hotels. Whether it's a water project or a land event, it gives you the best experience. must-have attractions: 1, Mapo Island Mapo Island is the nearest outlying island and one of the most beautiful outlying islands. Here, time is slowing down. In addition to being able to lie on the beach to watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, you can also experience all the exciting water projects. You can leap into the sea, kiss the cute tropical fish, touch the colorful corals, and enjoy the blue ocean. 2, mangrove Fig. 3 lizard is seen in the mangroves. Along the Sibon River, take a canoe and swim in the mangroves. Explore the Simmon River and observe the intricate roots of the mangroves and understand the ecological functions of the mangroves. The shadows of the silver langurs shuttle between the branches and leaves, lizards and snakes in the trees, and the kingfishers and purple herons shine in the sunlight. With colorful feathers; under the water, you can swim with reef fish, shellfish, crabs, prawns, cockroaches... continue to flow down the river to see the houses built on the water and the traditional fishing tools. 3, Crystal Lake Crystal Lake, as the name suggests, crystal clear, shining very incomparable. The Crystal Lake in Bintan Treasure Bay is the first and largest leisure seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia. The seawater is treated with special environmental protection, which is much clearer than the average seawater. It is not only a visual feast, but also a great place to enjoy a variety of water sports. There are a variety of interactive water recreation activities such as banana boating, kayaking, surfing and sailing, all of which can make your mood boil all day long. Whether you are a thrilling water sports enthusiast or a family traveler who enjoys a family time, you can't miss Crystal Lake.