Caofeidian Wetland Park
When we arrived at Caofeidian Wetland, it was the twilight time - the most beautiful time of the day. The largest coastal wetland in the north appears to be so quiet in the afterglow of the setting sun. The long wormwood sways in the evening breeze, and the flocks of birds flutter over the water, and the golden waters are dyed by the setting sun. The misty mist is filling the plank road through the wetland... "Cao Yudian" This moving name is also related to Li Shimin. Although the story is not the same, the general legend is that Tang Taizong Li Shimin led the army. I fell in love with a acquaintance named Cao Yu and accepted the latter as a scorpion. After Cao Yu died, the local people named the place "Cao Yudian". This coastal wetland covers a vast area with beautiful scenery and is also a good place for bird watching. Caofeidian is an important station for the migration of Australian to Siberian birds. There are more than 300 species of birds. Need special recommendation is that there is a "Golden Bear" golf course in Caofeidian Wetland! Yes, senior high fans should have already guessed that there is a stadium designed by Nick Rause, the famous golfer of the golf world! This standard 18-hole golf course overlooking the aerial view is an obvious Link style, from the famous "Golden Bear" handwriting, which is naturally an absolute championship-class venue, located in the wetlands. The environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, and with the careful design of Nicklaus, this stadium is naturally the love of the high fans in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region!