The Shanhaitian Resort Sanya Autograph Collection(by Marriott International)
This time I went to Sanya to participate in the isy international electric syllable. Before I went to see a lot of babies on the social network, I recommended this hotel in the sea. I chose this hotel so I planted grass... there are some points to think about. The babies who are going to or ready to go to share, write a bit messy, dont mind. The important thing is that I really feel it... First of all, this hotel is worth going, the hotel is not big but Very exquisite sea view room is a big selling point style is the popular gray tone is very advanced service attitude is very good, there will be a concierge at any time to enter the hotel for you to switch the door to take the luggage or ask you do not need to call the car, in short, it is a home away from home a feeling of. We booked the ordinary classic room type, more than 700 one night, when it was non-sea view, only 400 pieces were added to upgrade to the phantom room type. The original price was 1,500. More than a hundred of us settled down is very cheap, so I suggest you can go to the regular room in the off-season to go to the front desk to upgrade there will be a discount (local tyrants can be ignored) Phantom of the entire hotel a total of 15 each floor, a corner of the corner is very broad ( I always feel that the photos do not reflect the good scenery of the sea view room. Actually, I look very comfortable. There are many net red swimming pools in the hotel, as well as places to drink afternoon tea. There is an infinity pool, facing the Dadonghai, enjoying the sun while enjoying the sea view, great. I would like to emphasize that at the end of December, Sanya in early January was a bit cold, and the wind blowing a single piece of short sleeves could not help.
Xi'an weekend card new landmarks A new experience close to nature! A great place to take a baby with a dog with a girlfriend! ! This weekend, I checked out a new safe play landmark in West Security. When I go, it really shines! The decision must be shared with everyone. We spent a natural time in the wheatgrass organic farming park on the weekend. Here is a friend who discovered that there is a floral course. As a person who loves life and travel, I signed up directly. After I came here, I was quite surprised. The facilities here are very perfect, the parking is very convenient, and it can be said that it is a holiday destination. It is. can be said to be a combination of poetry and distance and yearning for life. Here you can experience a short camping in the natural environment. Usually, the white-collar workers in the city are under great pressure to work and live. They must be walked around on weekends to be balanced, which is an extremely self-healing. No need for a small holiday, no planning, just a weekend break, climb out of the bed, change loose and comfortable casual wear, wear sneakers that can step into the mud, spend an hour to reach the destination, you can invest in the embrace of nature. The above floral course is also available here. When entering the park, the staff will send a box to pick fresh fruit, have tents, barbecue in the evening and camp in the sky, there is a special large lawn to bring The dog runs wildly, and it is also very suitable for bringing children, because there are many rides, there are many small animals, you can let the children into the nature, you can also experience the fun of picking fruits, haha. There are also several large flower sheds that can be used to understand the growth process of plants such as succulent roses. They can also be purchased. This time, my friends and I only experienced the floral course. I can say that I like it very much! And the art can enhance the ability to do it, it is too decompression. If you like, you can book an appointment in advance. In general, the campsite on the side of Xi'an does not need to climb mountains and wading to reach the mountains and green waters. Practical tips! Camping time: Saturday 17
Tianzhao Mountain National Park
Looking at the Tianzhu Mountain, it is very straight, lush and lush, the breeze is cool, and Lin Tao is like a song. Panshan Highway squats up, and the pines and cypresses on both sides of the road are welcoming me to the distant visitors with the unique weight and beauty of Guangyuan. I press the window and breathe the fresh, pure, natural air from the original! The car parked on the side of a viewing platform on the mountainside, overlooking the city center. The mountains are surrounded by this bright little town. At this moment, the city life seems to be far away. Like this green hill, the body and mind are starting to lazily... close the eyes and turn around, then open the eyes and find a huge plaque on the mountain wall. (zhao) word, this is the word created by the Emperor Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty. When the moon is empty, the delusion may be that the emperor once stayed here at night, and feel it! Asked friends, this mountain was originally named Tiantai Mountain, and later renamed Tianzhu Mountain in order to integrate into the historical elements of the Queen's hometown. Suddenly there was an impulse to approach nature, and proposed to walk up the mountain to friends. The friend readily accepted and guided me to walk from the roadside path. The ancients have already made an attributive, the benevolent Leshan, the wise man Le Shui! But the ancients have not said that if the landscape likes it, what kind of person is it? Also benevolent and intelligent? Walking through the clear shade of the trees, everything is silent, birds occasionally from this fork to another fork, there is no uneasiness for my alien creature. The trees stood quietly under the blue sky and opened their arms to welcome the sun. The sun shines through the overlapping branches and leaves, and the patches scatter on the moss of the old trees.
Mingyue Mountain
The stream continuously flows from the valleys of the Mingyue Mountain and falls on the rocky cliffs, making a crisp and pleasant sound. Flowing water and waterfalls, the beauty of Mingyue Mountain is multi-faceted, with layers of layers, strange rock formations, stone paths, moss, waterfalls, mountains, and water tenderness. Although I didn't take the cableway, but I was in the bamboo forest along the way, I didn't feel tired when I was accompanied by a stream. The road to the Yungu Waterfall is a wooden plank road and a wooden ladder, which is still very good. The clouds in the mountains began to spread, and the visibility was getting lower and lower. I was a little worried. The locals said that they could go to the waterfall in about twenty minutes, and I have already walked for an hour. Quickly speed up the pace. The stream along the road, I took a lot of photos, probably because the slower door is more time-consuming, so some delays, I dont know how far it is going up, just to see a tourist returning, I ask For a moment, there is still a short road, but the clouds in the mountains are very large and the waterfalls are no longer visible. I heard this news and suddenly got into a dilemma. Looking at the time is still early, is almost arrived, do not want to give up, or ready to continue to climb. Looking from afar, the clouds in the mountains are so bright, the more you go up, the bigger the fog. arrived at the waterfall, I really can't see anything, this picture was taken at that time. Originally prepared to go to the middle of the ropeway, take the cableway down the mountain, but the staff said that it takes more than an hour to walk to the middle section. The mountain road is already frozen, and can't continue to move forward.
Huangtandong Village
Earlier, I heard about Yandang Mountain, but I dont know that there is a middle Yandang Mountain in Yueqing. As another part of Yandang Mountain, Zhongyan Dang has little knowledge in the deep, but it does not lose its gentle and charming. The weather is gloomy. The bus has been driving slowly on the winding road. The distant peaks are covered by the clouds, leaving only the looming outline. I don't know how long it took, when the car turned to a high point, through the window, I saw an old village, black tile white wall, surrounded by mountains, clouds in the mountains, like a dream, like The paradise of Tao Yuanming's pen is so illusory that it is not easy to be touched. This is an ancient village with a history of more than 800 years. It was built in the Baoqing period of the Song Dynasty. There is a yellow sandalwood forest on the hillside. There is a cave at the cliff above the yellow sandalwood forest, hence the name " Dalbergia ". Just after a light rain, the ground is wet, Yueqing at the end of October is still as warm as the early summer, a box of thick clothes I brought out of nowhere, the local old people are also a thin coat. Going to the village, I saw two clear streams running through the village. The stone bridge on the creek lie down, connecting the village and the countryside succinctly. The village is surrounded by mountains, the trees are green, the bridges are flowing, the bamboo forests are winding, the whole village is like a dusty history, lying quietly in this Yandang Mountain. I have been away for so many years, I have been to ancient villages in many places, but for the first time I have seen such a simple place that is not in the world.
Shushan Ecological Village
Shushan Village is not big, it is not small, it was originally called "Lushan", meaning the rich land of white rice. The village is composed of three mountains and four docks. The mountains are Shushan, Jilongshan and Dashishan. The Jigong Mountain in the northeast is continuous, the Yangshan in the south traverses east and west, and the tree-mountain in the northwest is isolated and abrupt. The whole village is surrounded by Yangshan and Jilong Mountain. The residents of the village mainly live in the mountain dock, which has different views all year round. It was already early summer, and I missed the most beautiful pear flower, but the pears, peaches, and bayberry were all fruitful. They were heavily covered with trees, and soon they reached the harvest season. Many people come to the tree to see the pear flower, but I think the summer tree is smaller and fresher, because the trees are shaded and the negative ion content is very high. Come here to absorb oxygen and wash the lungs. Its better, if you can eat peaches and pears in another two months, its a real original fruit! Walk in the village, you can see the stars like the sun everywhere, of course, there are many unknown flowers and flowers, and the pens are full of excitement. In the wind, they are like a girl who is ashamed. Face. The weather is not good when it arrives, but it also lacks the trouble of sun exposure. I always feel that there is a little rain in this village to have an atmosphere, but it is my heart. There are a lot of dogs in the village, they are very embarrassing, not sloppy, and a little scary. Come to such a simple village, the local chickens are farmed by the villagers themselves, and all of them are living and living.