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    Amazing Natural Scenery in

  • TOP 1

    Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

    485 Reviews
    11.4km from downtown
    "We have booked the train / light rail tour for the day. Unfortunately the weather was frightening and it rained all day. We arrived at the Skyrail center in Smithfield and the bus transfer to the freshwater station was good. After the train trip we had a walk around Kuranda and had lunch at a local cafe. We booked tickets late in the afternoon to return via Skyrail. Luckily they let us return early. Staff were pleasant. The commentary you can download to your phone was great. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we could only see a few meters ahead. Still, the trip on the hedge was enjoyable. At the two stops down they were equipped with umbrellas and the trail was good, but the visibility was too bad. If the weather was clear, do it again, it would be great."
    Reasons to Recommend: Skyrail is a must-do "World Heritage" rainforest sightseeing experience in Cairns. The virgin rainforest growing in the World Natural Heritage Reserve through which the Skyrail passes is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, with a history of at least 150 million years, tens of millions of years earlier than the Amazon rainforest. The 7.5-kilometer Skyrail tour explores the ancient tropical rainforest. You can not only witness the inspiration prototype of the Pandora rainforest planet in the movie "Avatar", but also go deep into the unexplored natural hinterland to find the traces of Jurassic descendants living in the ancient rainforest.
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  • TOP 2

    Paronella Park

    117 Reviews
    83.7km from downtown
    "Paronila Park is a very good virgin forest park in Cairns, where there are many ancient buildings and tall trees, especially the banyan tree and other buildings perfectly blended together, it looks very simple and elegant, full of mystery The air here is also very fresh. It is definitely a place worth visiting in Cairns."
    Reasons to Recommend: Paronella Park, a Spanish castle park built in the 1930s, is the source of inspiration for the legendary Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki's "City in the Sky". The park is surrounded by lush green rainforest, giving people a feeling of being in a fairy tale world. There are also majestic waterfalls, straight and spectacular forest avenues. The wonderland-like scenery makes the park one of the top three wedding venues in Australia. Behind the building is a Spanish dream story. Spanish Jose In order to realize the dream of building a castle when he was a child, Paronilla came to Australia from Spain to work and live alone. With his lifelong efforts, he created a Spanish castle garden integrated with nature from a wasteland. In addition, Jose was also the first person to introduce hydroelectric technology in Queensland, and today, hydroelectric generators can also provide electricity for the entire park. In the 1970s, under various difficulties, the park was abandoned for nearly 15 years, and Jose's dream was gradually forgotten. The park finally reopened in 1993, and Jose's dream continued once again... The park is located 120 kilometers south of Cairns, and the journey takes about 1.5 hours. The Chinese-language guide in the park will lead visitors into his dream manor, allowing visitors to regain that forgotten dream.
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  • TOP 3

    Cairns Botanic Gardens

    71 Reviews
    3.4km from downtown
    "The last time we came here was 15 years ago, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the botanical garden has grown in scale and diversity. There are a variety of plants and trees in the garden. Many orchids and pitcher plants are cultivated in the greenhouse, as well as a few butterflies. There are a large number of primitive plants and trees in the Gondwana forest, including various majestic Kauris fir."
    Reasons to Recommend: Founded in 1881, the Cairns Botanical Garden covers a vast area and is full of tropical plants unique to the tropical rainforest climate. There are many kinds of plants in the garden. For example, there are various kinds of ferns. In addition, there are a variety of orchids and tropical fruits, even people who have no special preference for flowers and plants can enjoy it. In addition, the park has a promenade extending to the lake and a barbecue area, so you can spend a leisurely day here.
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  • TOP 4

    Daintree Rainforest

    55 Reviews
    2.3km from downtown
    "Dainshuyulin is a place with a very special structure. This rainforest environment is very special. It is a typical wild reserve with a tropical climate. Many insects, animals and plants are also colorful. [Scenery] A very interesting place [Interest] It's very interesting"
    Reasons to Recommend: The Daintree Rainforest is located in northeastern Australia and is one of the oldest rainforests on Earth. Visiting flora and fauna is the highlight of any tour here, and spring is a great time to enjoy it, when temperatures are pleasant, there are few storms, and flora and fauna are very active. 1. There are many species of animals and plants The Daincui rainforest has more species of animals and plants on the earth. Under the dense canopy, there are one-third of Australia's frogs, marsupials and reptiles, and nearly two-thirds of bats. and butterfly species. This huge rainforest is also home to some 430 bird species, 13 of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Wake up to their song in the treehouse in the morning, or glide over the river at dawn. From September onwards, you'll be able to spot the fascinating brown-backed honeybirds and Australian kingfishers. Parrots arrive with storms in November, and their gruff calls can be heard in the early morning noise. 2. Outside the rainforest In addition to the rainforest, Daintree also has pure beaches and shallow, warm tropical waters. These are mainly around Cape Tribulation to the north, where the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet. This is one place in the world where two World Heritage areas meet. In Daintree, nature has kept its pattern for millions of years. In spring, Vientiane is renewed and so vibrant every year.
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  • TOP 5

    Daintree National Park

    33 Reviews
    88.5km from downtown
    "Dancui Tree National Park, also known as Dancui Rainforest, is a dense subtropical virgin forest. There are very good walks built here, everyone can breathe the fresh air here, Watching the beautiful scenery around and exploring the rare wild animals is a great place to relax."
    Reasons to Recommend: Daintree National Park is located in the northern part of Queensland, about 100 kilometers from Cairns. It was established in 1981 and is a world natural heritage site. The park consists of two parts, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation. 1. Cape Tribulation Daintree National Park has one of the oldest and oldest rainforests in the world. The entire national park consists of Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge. To reach Cape Tribulation, you need to take a ferry boat (to protect the environment, no highway is built in the park), and the place to take the ferry is at the fork in the crossing of the Daintree River, 24 kilometers north of Mossman. Most of the attractions in Cape Tribulation are dominated by the original bay scenery. Some beaches may also be haunted by crocodiles. Be sure to read the signs on the beach. Cape Tribulation has become a well-known tourist destination. It is a resting place that is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the sea and sky are the same color. It provides a comfortable and quiet environment for urban people to relax. 2. The name of Mossman Gorge Daintree National Park comes from the early explorer Richard Daintree. Mossman Gorge is the entrance to the national park. The canyon is composed of large rainforests and mountains, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Australia. The tropical rainforest is luscious and intoxicating. This park is of great conservation value, because most of the creatures in the park are rare, rare or endangered, and the park provides them with a good habitat and breeding environment. In the park, you can see big spiders, kangaroos, koalas, and giant banana leaves. There are also giant fruit doves, cassowaries, possums, Australian brown short-nosed bandicoots, muskrats, platypus, Australian echidnas, black-tailed kangaroos and other animals in the rainforest. If you are lucky, you can also see an Australian national treasure bird called Cassorwary, which is unique here. 3. Feel the time You can stop and rest at the viewing platform of the Alexander Mountains and admire the lush green coastline, which stretches all the way down to the charming sea. Take a stroll on the 650-meter Jindaba Trail or follow the 7-kilometer Solo Mountain Ridge Trail to explore tropical lowland rainforests, swamps, mangroves and sandy beaches. You can also learn about the various creatures in this spectacular environment and look for the endangered southern cassowary, according to the descriptions of the interpretive signs.
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  • TOP 6

    Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit

    21 Reviews
    66.2km from downtown
    "The Miramira Falls Loop in Cairns is a group of small waterfalls, where dozens of small waterfalls together form a waterfall circle, with a large pool in the middle. Visitors can play in the pool. It is very relaxing and definitely worth a visit. Come."
    Reasons to Recommend: Miramilla Falls is located in the small town of Atherton Plateau. It is the larger waterfall in the nearby waterfall group, so it is named Miramilla Falls. It is one of the more photogenic attractions in Australia. Don't forget to bring your camera. If you are lucky enough, you may also have the chance to see the true face of the platypus. 1. Waterfall Loop The waterfall loop is located near the town of Miramila and is 16 kilometers long. There are four waterfalls on the loop. You can start from Theresa Creek Rd at Palmerston Hwy, 1km east of Mira Mila, and enjoy the larger Mira Mila Falls on the loop, surrounded by lush rainforest. The waterfall pours into a pristine pool below, where you can take a refreshing dip in the cool currents. Plus, there's a lovely picnic meadow for you to rest on. Continue on to see Zillie Falls. Go downhill to Ellinjaa Falls and return to Palmerston Hwy. Follow Palmerston Hwy for 5.5km, there is a fork to Mungalli Falls (Mungalli Falls), 5km from the road. The waterhole under the waterfall is very suitable for swimming, and there are two waterfalls ZillieFalls and EllinjaaFalls on the Theresa Creek Road, the ring road where this waterfall is located. 2. Yogurt and cheese Miramila Falls have to be mentioned. From the MillaaMillaa waterfall loop line and then 5 kilometers south along PalmerstonHwy, there is a dairy shop called MungalliCreekDairy, you can go to the dairy farm behind to feel a little after stopping the car Cow, taste the yogurt and cheese here.
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