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Jojos trip
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Cost-effective Food | Oversized portions of barbecue and seafood came to Kotor. It has been nearly a month since I traveled. After coming out for so long, European ingredients are very limited. Every day except potatoes are chicken, even if I cook it myself. I found the nearest store near the apartment called Bastion 3, and went online to see the evaluation was not bad, so I decided to try it. Environment: Stone house, restaurant divided indoor and outdoor, the location is quite spacious, the atmosphere is good Location: less than 200 meters from the entrance of the ancient city of Kotor Recommended dishes: mix meat (oversized portion of barbecue platter, two people feel more, will have bread, not too tired to eat) squid (we are looking at the picture ordering) , the taste of salmon has nothing to say, the side dish is potato greens, eat all of it, in addition, the vegetable platter is said to be good, but we feel that we can't finish eating, we have not tried to emphasize again, the weight is really much, if you don't know if you can't eat it, you can order two first try, not enough ~ per capita: 120-200 Yuan or so


Bastion III

Posted: 21 May 2019