San Da Gen Kopitiam Review

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It's a little fresh and spacious, unlike the crampedness of a Hong Kong-style restaurant.


San Da Gen Kopitiam

Posted: 26 Oct 2017
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  • 千山任我行
    4/5Very Good
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    The three dozen coffee shops, which sell hot and cold drinks as well as cooked food, are popular and are a local favorite. Such coffee shops are common in Malaysia and have become a popular local food culture.

    Posted: 21 Jun 2017
  • Homerotu
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    If you ask Shandagen what delicious, first is seafood, second, third, think, many people's answer or seafood. So, the emergence of three big oysters, is a small fresh wind, blow into, feel the old town. The owner of the location, from the name, should be a cafe, the white main key, interior decoration, clues are all pointed to a clear direction, but here also serves a variety of simple meals, you can use it as a restaurant. As for me, it is attracted by its baking, the most eye-catching, naturally is the Shandagen unique UFO, thin slice of cake, holding orange creamy yellow filling, and then on a circle of cream cream, milk flavor is rich, sweet but not greasy, neatly arranged together, quite beautiful. But you know? UFO porridge is not the first name, the original name is the cow porridge, the early people regardless of so many, how to name how easy to remember how to come, the chef's mistake, the roast black as cow porridge, friends jokes and the chef self-mockery, shouting, the name actually went popular. Of course, the shop has other special skills, whether three fillings of large puff (mango + green tea + vanilla), or salty egg yolk can be praised, taste, are encyclopedic, in such a city, is unique. A roasting workshop with coffee restaurant chopsticks, where it should be, perhaps, a CBD in a metropolis, where, somehow, there is a sense of independence...

    Posted: 23 Jan 2020