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Top 6 Amazing Natural Scenery in Da Nang - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Ba Na Hills

    1,369 Reviews
    Da Nang
    24.2km from downtown
    "A full day exploration from cable car ride to scenic spots photo taking and game / rides, spending a whole day there !"
    Highlights: SUN WORLD BA NA HILLSAs part of Sun World Amusement Park Group and over 20 km away from Danang downtown, Sun World ba Na Hills is the most significant resort and recreational complex in Vietnam. At the height of 1,487 m from the sea level, Sun World Ba Na Hills has been coined the “heaven on earth” owing to its spectacular climate and otherworldly natural landscape. Just travel to Sun World Ba Na Hills and revel yourselves in the typical rotation of four seasons in a single day and numerous festivities, recreations and relaxation, and cuisine.Top tourist must-visit in VietnamFor four years in a row from 2015 to 2018, Sun World Ba Na Hills was bestowed the accolade of Top Tourist Resort of Vietnam by the Vietnam Association of Tourism. Through 11 years in operation and unabated development, Sun World Ba Na Hills has emerged to be commonplace for domestic and foreign visitors in Danang.World record-breaking cable car systemTo cater to the transport demands of millions of visitors to Ba Na, Sun World Ba Na Hills are equipped with 5 cable car routes, many of which smashed world records and won international awards with the accumulated capacity of nearly 7,000 passengers/hour and manufactured by Doppermayer.Recreation and relaxationSun World Ba Na Hills boasts a dizzily vibrant and fascinating indoor game zone. Fantasy Park is the largest indoor game zone in Vietnam that includes countless games, recreations, and sports for families. Jurassic Park is a must-visit for children fans of the namesake blockbuster “Jurassic Park”. Besides, this complex also puts on offer the first wax museum of Vietnam, in which lifelike figurines are modeled after prominent figures worldwide.
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  • No.2

    My Khe Beach

    810 Reviews
    Da Nang
    3.8km from downtown
    "My Khe Beach | Da NangMany activities to do and food options available at My Khe Beach 🏖️ Even on a weekday, many families gather and enjoy a day at the beach"
    Highlights: My Khe Beach is located on the eastern outskirts of Da Nang. With soft, fine sands and clear ocean water, it is a very desirable location to visit. Go early in the morning if you want to watch the beautiful sunrise over the sea. Aside from walking on the beach, you can enjoy the sea view or rent a lounge chair for sunbathing. There are also many water sports for you to take advantage of, including jetskis, banana boats and parasailing. Treat yourself to the many seafood restaurants around the beach.
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  • No.3

    Nui Son Tra

    297 Reviews
    Da Nang
    10.8km from downtown
    "Son Tra mountain, a charmed masterpiece of Da Nang, Vietnam. I often visit here at the weekend for relaxing and healing."
    Highlights: Nui Son Tra is on the northeastern side of Da Nang. It is largely covered in forest and the scenery is entrancing. On the south side of the mountain, visitors will come across the Linh Ung Bai But Temple. With it's 65-meter tall alabaster white Guanyin overlooking Da Nang's urban landscape, it's not only a nice place to burn incense and pray but also a beautiful scenic view. At the very peak of Nui Son Tra, there's a helipad from the Vietnam War left behind by the American military. It is now a scenic overlook. To the west of the Nui Son Tra there's a tiny beach called Tien Sa. Near the beach there is a memorial plaque and a small church.
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  • No.4

    The Marble Mountains

    113 Reviews
    Da Nang
    7.5km from downtown
    Ali pops 49
    "An amazing place to go, glass elevator up to the rock, and you can browse around and walk to different places on the rock, including to large cave which is breathtaking , well worth a vist and cost is cheap"
    Highlights: Five Elements Mountain is located 7 kilometers southeast of Da Nang City. On the flat beach by the sea, five peaks of gold, wood, water, fire and earth (among which the volcano is a twin peak) rise from the ground, with a majestic momentum, hence the name Five Elements Mountain. Among them, there are Buddha statues in the caves of the higher water mountain (108 meters above sea level), and believers come to worship all year round, such as Buddha, Guanyin and other gods. In the past, some of the caves in Shuishan were places for the Champa people to hold religious ceremonies. The view from the observatory on the mountain is excellent, with a panoramic view of the other four mountains, the white beach and the city.
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  • No.5

    China Beach

    99 Reviews
    Da Nang
    3.7km from downtown
    "If you walk to the east end of Da Nang, you can get close to it quickly. Due to its location, it is not much attractive compared to other Southeast Asian beaches. The water is lukewarm with the continuous solar heat, but the wide and blue sea is attractive enough. Seafood market is a bit pricey but tastes 👍"
    Highlights: Shanshui Beach is China Beach, located 30 kilometers north of Haiyun Ridge. China Beach has deep blue water and fine white sand, and is not damaged by pollution, which is known as the Gold Coast of Vietnam. China Beach was recognized by UNESCO as one of the six fine sand beaches in the world in 1995. European and American tourists regard Da Nang and Chinese beaches as tourist destinations comparable to Indonesia's Bali.
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  • No.6

    Red Beach

    30 Reviews
    Da Nang
    3.5km from downtown
    "There are many coconut water, sugarcane juice and food vendors along the coast, many lovers and partners gather, many residents swim at sea, few foreign tourists, and the scenery is not satisfactory. A bit boring beach, there are not many facilities ... can not order drinks, it would be better if you can order food or drink. We seemed to be gone after 10 minutes."
    Highlights: The Red Beach is located between Da Nang and Hoi An. The red coastline formed by unique geographical factors has a different scenery. Since the Licheng District is far away, there are not many tourists in the Red Beach, and there are almost no restaurants and bars, but there are several hotels to stay in. If you are looking for a quiet beach to spend a daze, then the Red Beach will be a good choice.
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