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Top 6 Important Religious Institutions in Da Nang - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Da Nang Cathedral

    469 Reviews
    Da Nang
    1.9km from downtown
    "A Gothic, Neo classical and Barouque style church, the seat of Archbishop in Da Nang."
    Highlights: Da Nang Cathedral is a Catholic Church built during Vietnam's French Colonial Period. This occidental church's tall clock tower is a local landmark. The whole church is a pale pink color. It's very beautiful with large stained-glass windows in the medieval style. Whenever Mass is being celebrated, the church's atmosphere is quite lively. You can go take a look for yourself.
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  • No.2

    Linh Ung Pagoda

    130 Reviews
    Da Nang
    7.5km from downtown
    "Very cool place. The complex has voluntary parking for motorbikes which is nice.A little crowded and it seems the tourists go over the top with feeding the monkeys (which you're not actually supposed to do).Of course the statue is awesome."
    Highlights: Ling Ying Temple is located on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang. Lingying Temple enshrines the tallest white jade Guanyin Bodhisattva in Southeast Asia. On both sides of the temple are Arhats in different postures made of marble. Since Lingying Temple was built by Chinese in Vietnam, it can be seen that the couplets in each hall of the temple are almost all Chinese characters. Here you can see a Avalokitesvara. There are seventeen floors in the statue of Avalokitesvara. Visitors can go up to see the panorama of the temple and the 18 statues of Arhat Buddha below.
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  • No.3

    Cao Dai Temple

    41 Reviews
    Da Nang
    3.1km from downtown
    "The holy place of Gaotai religion in Hoi An, Vietnam, is located in a quiet community and is not easy to find. Gaotai religion is a native Vietnamese religion, decorated with religious characteristics, and the huge eyeball is the iconic "sacred eye", meaning that all religions have the same cause."
    Highlights: The Cao Dai religion is meant as a unification of the world's religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taosim and Confuscianism. The Cao Dai Temple in Vietnam reflects this unification of beliefs and ideologies perfectly in its architecture. It incorporates symbolism and stylistic elements from all of the religions that it represents with absolutely breath-taking designs and ornamentation. Visitors are welcome to visit the temple and can witness one of several daily ceremonies full of brightly-robed monks, orchestras, choirs and chanting. Pictures of these beautiful sights are welcome as well.
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  • No.4

    Pho Da Temple

    24 Reviews
    Da Nang
    631m from downtown
    "There was more time in Da Nang, so I went to this attraction that was not a scenic spot. There are very few people, and I don't feel that Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen is famous. Most of them come to visit the local area and need to drive there."
    Highlights: PhoDa Temple, built in 1923, is a very important Buddhist temple in Da Nang, with both Chinese and Western styles. Now there are many young monks studying and living here, and PhoDa Temple has gradually become a Buddhist university. There is an oval lake in the temple with a three-meter-high Guanyin statue and three bronze Buddha statues. It is also a gathering place for local people to carry out Buddhist activities.
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  • No.5

    My Khe Pagoda

    26 Reviews
    Da Nang
    3.3km from downtown
    "It is a temple by the sea, and this temple is also very Chinese architectural style, is the yellow color, the scenery around him is also very beautiful, and the air is very good."
    Highlights: A temple on the seaside of Da Nang, the exterior is mainly in khaki, and the architectural style completely belongs to the Chinese Buddhist style. There are nuns and abbots in the temple, and next to the temple is the historical site Meixi Pavilion. If you happen to pass by here, you can take a tour.
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  • No.6

    Chua An Long

    18 Reviews
    Da Nang
    1.3km from downtown
    "It is said that this temple was built in 1657, but after four or five years of construction, it underwent a large-scale reconstruction. The Liang said that it was the Anlong Ancient Temple of Yuan Gi, so it should be very old, but only found Vietnamese information, it should be built in 1657. Then in 1961 it was rebuilt as a great place to showcase Vietnamese Buddhist architecture."
    Highlights: The Anlong Temple is located on the side of the Cham Museum, and the transportation is very convenient. At the gate of the temple, there is a high plaque that reads "Anlong Ancient Temple". It is said that this temple was built in 1657, but has undergone a large-scale reconstruction four or five years after its completion, and it is a good place to show the style of Vietnamese Buddhist architecture.
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